Best Teacher

For the AY 2017-18, Selection is done based on comprehensive 360 degree appraisals system adopted by ATME and the personal interview with the management team.

As you aware the ATME has implemented a comprehensive & robust appraisal policy for a total point of 500 which consisting of

1. Student performance in the qualifying exam. 2. Student Feedback. 3. Self-Appraisal. 4. Co-Worker Appraisal 5. Appraisal by Higher ups like, HOD, Principal & Chairman

Apart from the above, each and every faculty member were personally interviewed by Chairman, to assess their outlook towards ATME’s Vision & Mission, accepting additional responsibility, Innovation in teaching learning process, etc. Grades like, A+, A, A-, B+, B & B- were assigned to each faculty.
Only faculty members assigned A+ & A were shortlisted and the top 3 out of such short listed faculty members were selected for the award based on the points scored in the appraisal system.
Faculty members who are awarded “Best Teachers” during previous year will not be considered for the current year. However, they will be considered for next year, that after one-year break.
It may be noted that there is no 1st, 2nd and 3rd position. All the 3 awardees will get the same reward.
Each award winner will be rewarded a citation, a cash prize of Rs.5000/-, and a grant of Rs.15000/- to procure books or teaching aid or lab equipment etc., of his choice to be used for furtherance of teaching learning activity or Research activity. Off course the ownership lies with the college. But such assets will bear such award winners name on it.
All faculty members who were assigned the with B+ grades & above were rewarded with performance based incentives varying from 1% to 8% of their basic salary + AGP. This benefit will be for one academic year and one has to earn it again for next year.



Management of ATME College of Engineering is happy to announce that, from AY 2016-17 ATMECE will be conferring “Best Teacher” awards to recognize and value excellence, consistency and high level of teaching in our College. The ATME Best Teacher for teaching excellence aims to celebrate, teaching as the noblest profession by identifying teachers who are engaging their students in innovative and pathbreaking ways to ignite their potential. This Award aims to honour the teachers who have demonstrated excellence in teaching different subjects, shown outstanding contribution to learners with special needs and have served their communities through teaching even outside formal classrooms.
The award shall be made annually.
The number of awards to be made in any year shall be up to 3, common for all disciplines of Engineering.
All the faculty members currently working in ATME College of Engineering are eligible for this award. However, Principal & HODs are excluded for this award.