Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry is engaged in providing academic education of highest level and quality. The main focus of teaching and research in the department is centred on interdisciplinary themes and pledges itself in the broadest and most liberal manner to encourage the advancement of all branches of engineering through its practically skilled education and service missions.


The department has visualized creating human resource of excellent quality, with high professional competence in interdisciplinary areas which fits the national needs. The department is promoting the importance and applications of Chemistry to students in Engineering disciplines and daily life.


  • The Department of Chemistry aims to be the provider of best education within the Institute and to be a leader in research, publications and scholastic excellence. We are committed to providing a stimulating learning environment for our students, courses that are relevant and an experience that is world-class whether judged by local or international standards.

  • Long Term Goals

  • The basic objective of the Department of Chemistry is to educate the next generation of graduates with the capacity to solve real problems and provide leadership that can lead to the economic and social transformation of students.

  • Short Term Goals

  • The department is aimed to improve academic performance of students using innovative and creative methods of teaching. Conducting programmes to acquire knowledge, skills, innovative and creative thinking etc.

  • Facilities & Infrastructure

  • The department is well equipped with instruments and very good infrastructure required to carry out Engineering chemistry lab as well as research in core areas of chemistry. The department is recognised as research centre with two research guides, from VTU. The R&D centre is focused on the Chemistry related to Engineering sciences and to contribute overall development of the society.

  • Library

  • Department of Chemistry has provided unique library for student which is equipped with large collections of text books, reference Books of different authors related to engineering chemistry and core research areas.

  • Human Resource

  • The department is headed by Dr. Mohamed Eliyas with two other teaching faculties, among them one is doctoral degree holder and another one is pursuing his doctoral degree. Well qualified technical and supporting staff members to conduct and maintain the laboratories.

  • R & D Activities

  • The faculty members of the Department are well qualified and have expertise in frontier areas of research such as Organic synthesis, catalysis, composite materials, fuel cells, solar energy, pharmaceutical chemistry, analytical chemistry and nanomaterials. They have contributed towards publication of a good number of research papers in national and international Journals and Conferences. The faculties with doctoral degree in the department are supervising as VTU research guide for other students for their Ph.D Degree.

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