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The Computer Science and Engineering department promotes active involvement of faculty and students in technical collaborative programs at national and international level. These programs aim at exchange of knowledge among students and faculty in terms of research or project work, and academic programs. The centre also offers short/ long term training to students on latest technologies and development tools and encourages publication of technical articles and provides teaching materials for E-Learning. The centre works to provide solution for various problems in the field of Medical Science, Information Security, image classification, Big data etc.

List of Ph.D Guides in RC, ATMECE         

University: VTU, Belagavi

Sl. No.Name of FacultyDesignationTeaching ExperienceResearch ExperienceIndustrial ExperienceTotal Experience
1.Dr. Puttegowda DProfessor and HOD14 Years7 Years2 Years16 Years


List of Ph.D Perusing Candidates

SL.NOFaculty NameUniversity & Research CentreStatusInternal / External
1.      Sayeda Umera AlmasVTU,  ATME MysuruComprehensive Viva CompletedExternal
2.      Mr. Anil Kumar C JVTU, KSSEM, Bengaluru.Comprehensive Viva CompletedInternal
3.      Mrs. Nasreen FathimaVTU, GSSSIETW, MysuruComprehensive Viva CompletedInternal
4.      Mrs. M S Sunitha PatelVTU, SJCE, MysoreCourse Work CompletedInternal
5.      Mrs. Archana M RVTU, VVIET, MysoreCourse Work CompletedInternal
6.      Mrs. Impana AppajiVTU, GSSSIETW, MysuruRegisteredInternal
7.      Mrs. Sowmya SVTU, NIE, MysoreComprehensive Viva CompletedInternal


The Research Laboratory has the following facilities:

  • A fire extinguisher mounted to the wall or in an extinguisher cabinet;
  • Chairs and furniture that are constructed of non-cloth material so that they can be effectively decontaminated;
  • An integrated development environment (IDE) is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development. Computing Systems ,Updated Software’s
  • Reputed Journal access like SCI, Thomson router indexed to the Research Scholars.
  • Sophisticated tools and software to conduct Research.
  • Sufficient research related books and Internet facility.
  • Online course material and videos of NPTEL and EDUSAT Courses are available at URL-http://

Details of Funded/Applied Projects for the Academic Year 2014-15:

SL. NoTitle of the Proposed ProjectFaculty NameApplied AgencyAmount  StatusRemarks
1GSM based Electronic Notice BoardMr. Kiran BVGSTRs. 26,000Approval PendingOct-14
Kashyap P V B (6 Sem)
Suraj C (6 Sem)
2Android Application for Group Buying using Aadhar CardMrs. M S Sunitha PatelVGSTRs. 22,000Approval PendingOct-14
Azra Anjum (6 Sem)
Preethi B R (6 Sem)

Details of Funded/Applied Projects for the Academic Year 2015-16:

SL. NoTitle of the Proposed ProjectFaculty NameApplied AgencyAmountStatusRemarks
1Smart Guidance System for Visually Impaired CommutersMrs. Sneha N PMHRDRs. 19,000Approval PendingMar-15
Shahid Khan (6 Sem)
Srikanth S (6 Sem)

Details of Funded/Applied Projects for the Academic Year 2016-17:

SL. NoTitle of the Proposed ProjectFaculty NameApplied AgencyAmountStatusRemarks
1Smart Sensors for Real-Time Water Quality MonitoringMrs. Nasreen FathimaMHRDRs. 25000Approval PendingMar-16
Radhika N (7 Sem)
Harshitha A C (7 Sem)
Madhushree S (7 Sem)
Noor Fathima (7 Sem)
2Intelligent Robotic Expeditor Normally For ExplorationMr. Puttegowda DVGSTRs. 28000Approval PendingOct-16
 Adithya H R (6 Sem)
 Deepa Lakshmi B R (6 Sem)



Funding Proposal Details


SL. No. Title of Proposed project Faculty Name Applied Agency Amount Applied Status Remarks 
Automatic classification of different Human actions using machine learning algorithm Dr. Puttegowda D VGST Rs.4,79,638 Not Sanctioned Oct-17 
Chronic Kidney disease analysis using data mining classification techniques Mrs. Nasreen Fathima VGST Rs.5,05,262 Not Sanctioned Oct-17 
Intelligent Highway Lighting and security system Mrs. Archana M R VGST Rs. 3,15,490 Not Sanctioned Oct-17 
An Android Application for teaching and training special children Mrs. Sneha N P VGST Rs. 5,39,518 Not Sanctioned Oct-17 
COE for Machine Learning Lab Dr. Puttegowda D VGST Rs.15,07,638 Not Sanctioned Oct-17 
FDP on Data Mining and Big Data Analytics Mr. Anil Kumar C J VGST Rs.1,85,000 Not Sanctioned Oct-17 
FDP on Machine Learning and its Applications Mr. Shrinivasa G VGST Rs.1,85,000 Not Sanctioned Oct-17 



SL. No. Title of Proposed project Faculty Name Applied Agency Amount Applied Status Remarks 
1Award for Research Publications Dr. Manjunath S SVGST25,000Not SanctionedOct-2018
2Human Detection and Tracking for Action Recognition Dr. Manjunath S SVGST7, 28.272 Not SanctionedOct-2018
3IoT Lab Dr. Puttegowda DVGST8,85,000Not Sanctioned  Oct-2018
4Data Mining LaboratoryMr. Anil Kumar C JVGST 8,79,000Not Sanctioned Oct-2018
5Implementation of Wi-Fi based single phase smart meter using internet of thingsMrs. Nasreen Fathima VGST1,35,000Not Sanctioned Oct-2018
6IPR and its Application Mrs. Archana M R VGST2,00,000Not Sanctioned Oct-2018
7Android based Electronic notice boardMrs. M S Sunitha PatelVGST1,21,000Not Sanctioned Oct-2018
8Intelligent Vehicular sensors for traffic management system using IOT and wireless sensor networkMrs. Impana AppajiVGST6,05,262Not Sanctioned Oct-2018
9Automatic medical prediction and treatmentMrs. Sneha C RVGST2,31,000Not Sanctioned Oct-2018
10My privacy my decision: “Control Mrs. of photo sharing on online social Networks”Mrs. Sneha N PVGST1,71,000Not Sanctioned Oct-2018
11FDP on Cyber Security and Block chain application  Mr. Shrinivas GVGST2,00,000Not Sanctioned Oct-2018



SL. No. Title of Proposed project Faculty Name Applied Agency Amount Applied Status Remarks 
1Smart Sensors for RealTime Water Quality Monitoring Mrs. Nasreen Fathima MHRDRs. 25000 Not SanctionedMarch 2016 
2Intelligent Robotic Expeditor Normally For Exploration Mr. Puttegowda DMHRDRs. 28000Not SanctionedMarch 2016