Green Campus

Being a centre of learning, various factors of education lie at the heart of promoting changes in the human behaviour. Moreover the campus communities have the opportunity to showcase thought leadership on sustainability by solving pressing issues pertaining to our local environment and addressing challenges [that] the societies face as a whole. One of the core agendas for sustainability on campuses is to engage the campus communities for outreach activities thereby propagating sustainability beyond the campus boundaries. The real problem that humanity faces today in achieving sustainable development is how to empower and motivate people to change their underlying behaviours and actions. For example, ATME motivates its students and staff to consume less energy, to conserve and reuse water, to limit the use of non-renewable resources, to conserve biodiversity, to contribute to the advancement of the society as a whole and much more.

Our commitment to sustainability is embedded into the policies and the practice of what we do on campus: our academics, our research, and the way we manage our initiatives at the institution. Sustainability is woven into the fabric of our work at ATME.

ATME College of Engineering has commitments, investments, policies, research, and curricula devoted to sustainability in the following areas:
a) Renewable energy
b) Academics
c) Research
d) Local and sustainable food and healthy eating
e) Community outreach and education
f) Student leadership and participation
g) Conservation
h) Building and renovation
i) Program funding
j) Recycling

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