1. To provide an avenue for the aggrieved students to redress their individual grievances in order to have a healthy atmosphere among students, staff and management in the Institute.
  2. To comply with the AICTE Regulations to provide for establishment of Grievance Redressal Committee.
  1. The Committee Chairman and members meet once a month to discuss and resolve the grievances, if any received in writing from the concerned students.
  1. Committee Chairman should maintain the minutes of the meetings and submit the copy of the same to the Principal.
  1. Convey the decision of the committee to the aggrieved students in writing by the Committee Chairman of the Committee in concurrence with the Principal.


Dr. Bhagyashree S R, Professor, Department of ECE


Mr. Chandrashekar C, Lecturer, Department of Humanities


Mrs. Sumana, Advocate (NGO)

Dr. Prakash Kuravatti, Associate Professor, Department. of ECE

Mrs. Nasreen Fathima, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE

Mr. Ravikumar S, Associate Professor, Department of ME

Mrs. Jyothi D N, Assistant Professor, Department of CV

Mr. Raghavendra L, Associate Professor, Department of EEE

Dr. Md. Eliyas, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

Ms. Priyanka N B, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Mrs.Sujatha M, FDC, Office

Grievance- AICTE Regulation- Link