Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical engineering department is equipped with the following laboratories and workshops.

  • Mechanical measurement and Metrology lab
  • Machine shop
  • Basic Material Testing lab (BMT lab)
  • Foundry and Forging lab
  • Workshop
  • CAED lab

  • The BMT lab comprises of 60T UTM. The academic as wells as consultancy projects are under taken.

  • The testing of concrete blocks for compression strength can be carried out.

  • The lab is equipped with pin-on disc wear test rig which is very helpful in conducting wear test and analysis on alloys and composite materials.

  • The various tests can be carried out by using Non-Destructive Testing techniques.

  • The lab has facilities to conduct hardness test on various machine components like high speed shafts and gears.

  • The consultancy work can also be taken up in the area of gear hardness testing with the help of Brinells hardness tester, Vickers hardness tester and Rockwell hardness tester.

  • The machine shop is equipped with 15 conventional lathes, and one universal milling machine and one shaping machine.

  • The metrology and measurement lab comprises of various instruments of MITUTOYO, Japan Co. with the state-of –the art technology.

  • Our Computer Aided Engineering Lab comprises of 60 systems with latest Solid edge software ST4 which is a unique feature.

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