21 May 2019


ATME College of Engineering has observed anti-terrorism day on 21st May 2019. Students were indulged in Pledge-taking ceremony by the faculty members. The objective behind observance of this day is to wean away the youth from terrorism and showing as to how it is prejudicial to the national interest. India has been facing the menace of terrorism for years. Developing nations are more vulnerable to terrorism because they are unlikely to have the resources to adequately fight terrorism. In order to avoid terrorism international counter-terror partnership should make progress and more comprehensive method should be approached.


“We, the people of India, having abiding faith in our country’s tradition of nonviolence and tolerance, hereby solemnly affirm to oppose with our strength, all forms of terrorism and violence. We pledge to uphold and promote peace, social harmony and understanding among all fellow human beings and fight the forces of disruption threatening human lives and values.”