Academic Council

Category No. Category Position Name Contact No.
I Principal of the College Chairman Dr. L Basavaraj 9448285641
II Dean Research Member Dr. Bhagyashree S R 99001 10944
Dean Student Affairs Member Dr. Rathnakar G 98440 18701
Dean Academics Member Secretary Dr M S Govinde Gowda 99729 40201
III All Heads of the Dept. HOD – CSE Department Dr. Puttegowda D 9900622014
HOD – CE Department Mr. Manuvijay 9738601201
HOD – ECE Department Dr. Mahesh P k 8884968896
HOD – EEE Department Dr. Parthasarathy L 9035064022
HOD – ME Department Dr. Rathnakar G 9844018701
HOD – BS Department Dr. Mahesh Lohith K S 9845206504
Dr. Mohammed Eliyas 8105598832
IV Faculties of the College representing different level of teaching staff Member Mr.Prajwal Simha-EC 9902871219
Member Mr. Mohan Kumar-ME 9738668896
Member Dr.Avinash-BS 9148623123
V Experts from outside the college representing areas such as Industry, R&D, Technical Education, etc. Member


The Responsibilities of Academic Council

  • To make recommendations relating to the selection, admission, retention and exclusion of students generally
  • To propose the form and contents of statutes to be made relating to the academic affairs of the university, including the conduct of examinations, the determination of examination results, the procedures for appeals by students relating to the results of such examinations and the evaluation of academic progress
  • To make recommendations for the awarding of fellowships, scholarships, bursaries, prizes or other awards
  • To make general arrangements for tutorial or other academic counselling
  • To perform any other functions instructed/suggested by the management
  • To implement any statutes and regulations made by the governing authority relating to any of the matters referred to in this subsection.
  • To design and develop programmes of study
  • To establish structures to implement those programmes
  • To make recommendations on programmes for the development of research