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For Job code : ADM001

The Job: Finance Officer
Qualification Education Qualification:

Bachelor’s degree: The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in finance, Accounting, Economics, or a related field from a recognized university or institute. A higher degree such as a master’s degree in finance, Accounting, or Business Administration may be preferred.


Professional Certification:

Professional certification such as Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or other relevant certifications may be preferred.

Experience:                                   Experience in financial management: The candidate should have a minimum of 10-12 years of relevant experience in financial management, accounting, budgeting, or finance-related roles, preferably in an educational institution or similar environment.

Experience in higher education: Experience working in finance or accounting roles in higher education institutions, particularly in engineering colleges or technical institutes, may be preferred.


Skill Set Required

Financial management: Strong knowledge of financial management principles, practices, and regulations, including budgeting, financial analysis, financial reporting, and auditing.

Accounting and taxation: Proficiency in accounting principles, practices, and software, as well as understanding of taxation laws and regulations relevant to educational institutions.

Financial planning and forecasting: Ability to develop and implement financial plans, budgets, and forecasts, and monitor financial performance against established targets.

Compliance and regulatory knowledge: Knowledge of relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines related to finance and accounting in educational institutions, including those issued by statutory bodies or government agencies.

Communication and leadership skills: Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, as well as leadership skills to effectively manage a finance team, liaise with other departments, and communicate financial information to stakeholders.

Analytical and problem-solving skills: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to identify financial issues, analyze data, and develop solutions to financial challenges.



Location: Mysuru
Employment Type: Permanent
Roles and Responsibilities:  

a. Maintaining accounts, cash books / ledgers in the Accounting Software.

b. Preparation of monthly accounts including cash books, journals

c. Verifying bills prepared

d. Preparation and consolidation of budgets pertaining to the Institute/ departments/ centres.

e. Prepare office due, fee collection statement for submission to the Management.

f. Prepare fund requirement statement for submission to the Management

g. Coordinating with KEA/KUPECA/VTU and other statutory departments for collection of fee due to Institute.

h. Coordinate with Statutory / Private authorities, Banks and organizations who grant Scholarship/Financial Aid to students for timely release of due fee amount.

i. Supervision of Bank remittance, Reconciliation, etc.

j. Preparation of daily receipts and challans and submission of associated details along with remittance details to Registrar/Principal for scrutiny.

k. Verification of cheques and bills.

l. Writing daily collection register for college accounts.

m. Writing demand draft register, and other forms of money value register

n. Preparation of audit reports and replies

o. Responsible of keeping the following in safe custody.

1. Bill books / receipt books

2. Files pertaining to accounts/purchases

3. Registers

4. Cash books

5. Ledgers

6. Vouchers

7. Cheque books / pass books

8. Bank challans

9. Fixed deposit certificates

10. Other important office documents

p. Processing of Salary in A-IMS and arranging for Bank Transfers.

q. Receiving of Cash, DD’s and / Reports generated in A-IMS from Exam Section, Fee Section and other departments on daily basis and make necessary arrangements for depositing the same to Bank.

r. Download the Collection Report from A-IMS on daily basis and check whether the duly signed hard copy is received from concern person and then update the transactions in Tally.

s. Making Statutory Payments like PF, ESI, PT, IT, etc., after due verification.

t. Preparation of acquaintance register and obtaining signatures of all employees.

u. Attending to the subject of income tax, and performing TDS at source for all payment transactions.

v. Writing Caution deposit register, if any

w. Any other accounts related function assigned from time to time.


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