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About Research & Innovation

Research is an essential pillar of any Higher Education Institution. Research creates an innovation ecosystem in the Institution. ATMECE has a dedicated Research wing that nurtures and promotes the innovation eco system in the Institution through various research activities such as publication of research articles, presentation of innovative ideas in National/International conferences, publication of book chapters, the evolution of innovative projects, writing proposals for funding projects, Patent filing & publication, Collaboration with Industries, encouraging & guiding students to participate in Hackathons. etc. ATMECE is collaborated with more than twenty-five Industries and Institutes. A significant number of events have been organized to achieve these objectives.

The Institution has Six Research Centers that include Physics, Chemistry, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering. The Research centers create an eco-system that motivates both in-house researchers and external researchers to carry out their research work. Research supervisors of various Research Centers of the institution constantly provide guidance and encouragement for both internal and external researchers in order to pursue their doctoral Degree.

The Institution has received around 4 crores of external funding through Grants from various Government funding bodies like the Department of Science & Technology (DST), KSCST, VTU, ATAL (AICTE), MODROBS, SERB, K –Tech etc.

ATMECE has an IPR cell through which faculty & students are guided and encouraged to apply for patents.  During last academic year, eleven patents are filed and Published across the various programs of the Institution.

Articles are published by the faculty and students in various peer-reviewed Journals and conferences. The articles are published in IEEE transactions, Scopus, UGC care, and Web of Science indexed journals.

ATEMCE has faculty having expertise in various fields of Engineering. ATMECE provides consultation in various domains related to Software, Power and civil Engineering.

ATMECE has networking with various International & National professional bodies that include IEEE, BAI, IETE, ISTE, IEI, CSI etc. Institution conducts Technical events in association with the professional bodies.

Students of ATMECE have been continuously participating in all the Smart India Hackathons conducted by MHRD & other Ministries since 2017.

With an intent to motivate and encourage research activities in the Institution and to promote faculty participation in the National/ International Conferences, the Management has initiated Faculty Incentive Policy for the staff of ATMECE.

Research Initiatives

The Chemistry Department encourages active involvement of faculty and students in collaborative programmes, both at the national and international level. These programmes range from exchange of students and faculty in terms of research and project work, development of academic programmes and training of students, exchange of publications, data, teaching materials, ensuring optimum utilization of infrastructure facilities.


List of Ph.D Guides in RC, ATMECE                                                     University: VTU, Belagavi

Sl. No. Name of Faculty Designation Teaching Experience Research Experience Industrial Experience Total Experience
1. Dr. Avinash K Assistant Professor 9 4 1 14 Years


List of Ph.D Perusing Candidates

Sl. No. Name of Faculty Status  

Research Center


Internal / External

1 Ms.Supriya Course Work ATMECE, Mysuru External
2 Ms.Malathi P Course Work ATMECE, Mysuru External


The Research Laboratory has the following facilities:

  • Sophisticated Equipment’s to conduct the Research.
  • Sufficient research related books and Internet facility.
  • Biological Lab to conduct Biological Activity.
  • Research center is carrying out water analysis service for Employees and Locals at free of cost under the banner of Civil Engineering.
  • Research Lab is providing facilities for MSc from other colleges & BE students for their Dissertation / Project work.
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