Career Guidance

All students join engineering after PUC, require some advice some time or other, especially engineering career-parents and wards hope and wish for the BEST. At ATMECE, faculty/industry experts will facilitate the acquisition of attitudes; skills and knowledge to help students better understand themselves while exploring viable education and career options that eventually result into making informed decisions with developed plans to achieve their career aspirations. “Career guidance” is a long term program with individual focus so to help our students to discover what they are passionate about and inform them on how best to pursue it.


Important career options after engineering are jobs, master’s program or entrepreneurship. Most of the students opt for jobs either in MNCs and few opt for Government/public sectors. Another good scope for jobs is in coaching centers or training firms who provide required skills for personnel in companies, colleges, institutes or schools. The second career option is Master’s program available either in technical or non-technical filed to enhance knowledge in a specified area. Master’s program with technical field includes M Tech, Ph.D., research fellow or MS studies in abroad countries. Master’s program with non-technical field includes MBA, LLB, Patent and intellectual property certified courses, CFA, MSW, Journalism, film making, photography, event management and so on. The third career option is entrepreneurship/startups where few students take interest to venture into self-employment. Our college is established with entrepreneurship development cell to enhance the basic skills sets among students. The cell is run by the student’s members and they elect office bearers to conduct the different programs under the guidance of faculty members and industry experts.