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List of MOU’s

Sl. No Name of the Organization Duration Date of sign (Duration) Objectives Outcomes
1 AUDAZ Ventures Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 4 Years  



·       Empower students with strong fundamental domain specific knowledge

·       Formulate new ideas for problem solving

Students should be able

·       To get necessary skills at various levels from circle of transformation which is aimed at transforming personalities to domain specific trainings based on student interest and requirements

2 ATEU Softwares, Mysore 3 Years  



·     To enhance Software development and application development skills of students to best match to the need and requirements

·     To create interactive applications with a combination of Quality and Affordability


Students should be able

·         To develop the Software and bring tour thoughts into reality with a perfect blend of creativity, technology and perfection

·         To create interactive applications

















CLASSMAIN Software, Mysore






3 Years








·       To provide verifiable Certificate Courses to the students

·       Bridge the gap between the College Education and ever changing Industry requirements

Students should get

·         Verifiable Certificate issued by recognized industries

·         Online assessments in the college campus








GeeksLab Technologies New Delhi




3 Years






·         To enrich the technical education in new subject areas, learning-teaching process and to jointly work for enhancing the quality of educational being imparted.

·       To provide the industrial exposure and trending technologies for students to enable them to meet industry needs and to be recognized globally.

Students able to

·       Gain knowledge on industry and needs of industry












NICT Computer Education Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore






4 Years








·       To provide verifiable certificate courses to the students and Bridge the gap between the college education and ever changing industry requirements. Students

·         Gets a verifiable certificate issued by NICT on successful completion of the course and taking the online assessments in the college campus.

CISCO Centre of Excellence for Advanced Networking

The Department of Computer Sciences Engineering had signed MoU with CISCO Systems, Bangalore on 21-01-2018. The CISCO centre of excellence on Advanced Networking available in the department provides world class networking infrastructure. The faculty members have been constantly trained by CISCO Networking Academy, to offer the latest industry relevant networking curriculum. The Department is offering the certification course CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) to the students since 2018. The course provides practical hands-on experience to the students on networking concepts during the 110 hours of the course.


As per the CISCO requirements, the CCNA course is divided into following four modules:

  • Networking fundamentals
  • Routing protocols and concepts
  • LAN switching and wireless
  • Accessing the WAN

The CISCO Centre of Excellence is equipped with sophisticated CISCO hardware like routers, switches, wireless adapter, cables and PCs to effectively deliver the CISCO CCNA curriculum. Packet tracer software is also installed in computers to simulate the various network configurations and provide a better understanding on the networking concepts.
CISCO Net Riders, a National Level competition and various department level competitions related to networking are conducted regularly with the equipment’s available in this laboratory. Once in a year students from rural schools are invited and the equipment’s in the laboratory are demonstrated to motivate them to pursue their career in the networking domain


The following equipment’s are available in the Cisco Centre of Excellence at ATME College of Engineering.



Routing products

Cisco 2811(2800 Series Router) 4 nos
V.35 Cable

4 sets

Switching product

WS-C2960-24TT-L(2960 Catalyst Switch)

4 nos

Linksys product

LINKSYS WRT300N(Wireless Broadband Router)

3 nos

Network Security

Cisco 2811-SEC/K9(Router) 2 nos
ASA 5510-BUN-K9(Adaptive Security Appliances)

2 nos

NIC Card Pod

AIR-CB21AG-?-K9 4 nos

2 nos

AP Pod


1 no

Bridge Pod


2 nos

Faculty in Charge:

Mr Kiran B, Assistant Professor/CSE, ATMECE

Industry Visit

Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML), Mysuru

Department of Computer science and Engineering, ATMECE arranged an industrial visit as a part of the co-curricular activity to Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) on December 17th 2021. About 48 students from the department participated in the visit.

The industrial visit (exhibition) was organized on behalf of 75 years of India’s Independence and to celebrate ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’. The exhibition catalogues through a visual display highlighting BEML’s growth over the years and its contribution in making an ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’. The exhibition was on ‘BEML Journey since 1964’ where there was a showcase of 3 trucks and their new models like BH205E-Electric dump truck, BH 100-Dump truck, BG 6051-Motor grader WS28, WS70.

BEML was founded in May 1964. BEML has manufacturing plants in Kolar Gold FieldsBengaluruMysore and Palakkad. It has numerous regional offices throughout the country. KGF unit is the main unit accounting for the manufacture and assembly of a wide array of earth-moving equipment such as bulldozers and excavatorsRailcoaches are made in the Bengaluru complex, and the Mysore facility makes dump trucks and engines of various capacity.

In this visit, BEML employees explained about the trucks with the help of models and also about safety devices used inside the truck cabins. The best part of this visit was to know the best design of the electronic truck, where not only sensors are used but also Artificial intelligence, edge computing and cloud computing technologies are used. BH205E Dump truck is an electric drive rear dump truck designed for large-scale mining operations. Consumption of transmission oil, final drive and brake cooling oil are eliminated reducing the environmental impact over its life cycle. This Dump Truck is environmentally friendly and weighs 205 tons when fully loaded but is easily manoeuvrable with power-steering and a short turning radius. Till now 8 electronic truck has been manufactured

The visit had live demonstration of various dump trucks that were manufactured in the Mysuru plant, simulations of dump trucks, and a detailed demonstration of applications of AI and Computer Vision in the manufactured hi-tech dump trucks.

At the industrial visit students witnessed the following:

  • Applications of AI in driver fatigue detection in dump trucks.
  • Applications of Computer Vision in accident prevention in mining areas.
  • Applications of Automation in heavy duty vehicles.
  • Applications of Computer Graphics in simulation of dump truck driving environment.
  • Various types of dump trucks manufactured at BEML’s Mysuru plant.

The visit ended with a detailed display of BEML’s history and its achievements in manufacturing highly equipped earth movers for the world’s ever-growing demand.

Myra School of Business organized by Cyberverse Foundation, Mysuru 

An Industrial visit to “Myra School of Business” Hootagally industrial area, Mysuru was successfully organized by the Cyberverse foundation on Tuesday (11-10-2022) to understand how the cyber-attacks will happen in our daily life. Cyberverse foundation was founded by Bherunda foundation in partnership with Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC) and Mysuru Royal Academy Trust (MYRA) and backed by Karnataka Digital Academy Mission (KDEM) aims to make mysore the chosen cybersecurity destination.

Employee of Cyberverse Foundation helped in better understanding of cyber-attacks in our everyday life. The session was very educational and helped us in understanding the importance of cyber-security.

The visit to the cyber-security lab gave students a better understanding of IOT. The government and mysuru wodeyar family supported the cyber lab.

The students were motivated and guided to select their domain of interest with respect to cyber-security such as Cyber Crime Intervention Officer (CCIO), Basics information security (ICBIS), Certifited Penetration Tester (ICPT), Forensic Investigator (ICFI) etc.

In conclusion, of this report the students and the faculties gained more knowledge on cyber-attacks and cybersecurity and different policies with respect to this field supported by the government.

A One day Industrial Visit was organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, ATME College of Engineering, Mysuru for 7th semester students to Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysuru on 20th August 2018. We were 30 students and accompanied by two faculties, Mrs. Sowmya Shree P and Mr. Shrinivasa G, Assistant Professors, Dept. of CS&E, ATME College of Engineering, Mysuru.

We reached the campus at 11:00 AM. The visit was accompanied by A. S. K. V. S. Sharma, Co-Ordinator, Information and publicity, CFTRI.

We are allowed to sit in a board room and shown with the techniques of food management and the various techniques followed by the CFTRI to prepare various food products, processes, and equipment types.

Then, we had an interaction session with Mr. Sharma. Further, the visit continued by visiting the food preparation centres. We got to see the preparation of rice and lemon pickles with the application of technology in the equipment’s.

The visit got completed by 2:00PM. On overall, the visit was helpful in knowing the applications of technology in the field of food product preparation and the maintenance.

A One day Industrial Visit was organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, ATME College of Engineering, Mysuru for 7th semester students to Infosys Limited, Mysuru Campus on 15th September 2018. We were 70 students and accompanied by three faculties, Mrs. Sowmya Shree P, Mr. Shrinivasa G and Mr. Ranganath K, Assistant Professors, ATME College of Engineering, Mysuru.

We reached the campus by 8:45 AM. We logged into the campus after the security check at 9:30 AM. We were accompanied by Mr. Gokul Muthuvelu, Test Analyst, Infosys. We were taken tour around the campus which was around 357 acres. Since, it was a vast campus we were able to cover only 50% of it.

Mr. Gokul Muthuvelu gave a brief about the campus. It has

  • 6 SDB [Software Development Block]
  • 8 FC [Food Courts]
  • SEZ [Social economic zone]
  • Amphitheatre
  • 8 Athletic ground
  • Multiplex
  • Recreation centre
  • Rain water harvesting lakes
  • Accommodation for trainee
  • Guest house
  • ILI [Infosys Leadership Institution ]


First, we visited SDB (Software Development Block) were new software is developed and testing takes place. Then we went to SEZ (special economic zone) where the tax related activities takes place. To enter the SEZ the employee must have an authorized identity. We went to the Amphitheatre where all the programs will be taken place like Fashion show, dance etc. It had an accommodation of around 10,000 people.


The campus had a multiplex where 7 regional language movies would be played on every weekend. The multiplex is also a place where National and International conferences will be conducted.


Then, we had been to ILI (Infosys Leadership Institute) which had Gyms, Smart super market, Swimming pool, Badminton court, Seminar halls etc. We were given about 15-20 minutes of break. After the break, we were directed to Seminar hall around 11:30 AM.

Initially we were made to watch videos about the history of Infosys and their founder’s achievements.


All the students were divided into 7 groups; each group contains about 9 students. One among them was made a team leader. Each row was made a team. Each team was provided by one activity. After giving the brief about the activities, we were provided 10 minutes of time, where each group must complete both the task.


The activity was to advertise a product (Name given by Mr.Gokul). After the completion of this activity, each group leader were provided a chance to share their experience , to tell what was the difficulty they faced during the activity and also what they learnt from it.

After the activities we had an interaction with the employees to clear our doubts and also about recruitment process of Infosys. Later we had lunch at the Infosys Canteen. By around 2:30 PM we logged out of the campus.


The entire campus tour was by walk. We were provided with umbrellas as it was a sunny day. The maintenance of the campus was very good and hygiene. We were allowed to walk only on footpaths and zebra-crossing but we were not supposed to step on the lawns. On whole the visit was very helpful in building the aspirations in the young minds.

A one day Industrial visit to Indian space Research Organization (ISRO), Bengaluru was organized by Department of Computer Science & Engineering, ATME College of Engineering, Mysuru on 10th August 2018 for 5th Semester students. It was a half day visit by 48 students of 5th semester along with 3 faculty members, Mrs. Sowmya Shree P, Mrs. Nasreen Fathima and Mr. Shrinivasa G, Asst. professors, Dept. of CS&E, ATME College of Engineering .

The main objective behind the visit was to make students aware about how various activities related to satellite is carried out in ISRO and give them knowledge about the working of it.

Our journey began early morning 5:30AM from Musuru, with huge enthusiasm and prayers. We reached the campus by 10:00AM. ISRO entrance was majestically stood and welcomed us.


Mr. Srinivas, senior scientist, ISRO, welcomed the gathering and guided the students with initial demo of videos of basic need of satellite, its invention, different kinds with evolutionary background, satellite preparation, and rocket launch.

For the benefits of students there is space research exhibition centre ISAC. Scientist explained each and every display unit kept for exhibition viz: the first Indian satellite Aryabhata, APPLE, IN-SAT series etc. Satellites are basically of two types- Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) Satellites and communication satellites. Followed by brief session on Manglayan & Chandrayan, Simulation on GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle), the volunteers has given a Sight of green room where details of Chandrayan-II launcher were given and we were really fascinated by checking the details. Along with we could have a sight of photos of moon taken with different angles which were fascinating too. And we got the chance to raise our question regards the technology behind it.

It is rightly said that “see & know” is better than “read & learn”. The visit had a huge influence in the minds of the students, as part from everyday curriculum. The students were motivated as ISRO has opened door for Engineering students & making them understand how they can be the part of such PROUD organisation.

This visit wasn’t the end as we had the opportunity to visit HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICAL LIMITED (HAL) museum. This too gave us exposure of human fighter flights and jets, we were astonished and amazed as the model which were present were of real and used one. We are very proud Indians since these depicts how defence people fight for our security and safeguard us.

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