“Antennas and Electromagnetics Hazards”

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is organizing Webinar on “Antennas and Electromagnetic Hazards” on 14th July 2020, at 11 am for students, faculties and Industrialists. This webinar is offered free of cost.


COVID-19 pandemic has made a global impact in the past few months and continues to impact most of the sectors with the education sector being one of the most affected ones. Digital technologies may be seen as a gateway to solve many of the problems arising from the crisis. Mobile telephony is now common place around the world. This wireless technology relies upon an extensive network of fixed antennas, or base stations, relaying information with radiofrequency (RF) signals. A common concern about base station and local wireless network antennas relates to the possible long-term health effects that whole-body exposure to the RF signals. Even though we can’t see them, we are surrounded by electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Our computers, microwaves, cell phones, power lines, cell phone towers, fitness tracking devices, smart meters, televisions, routers, X-ray machines, and radios all emit them to varying degrees. “Electromagnetic radiation is a form of energy that is all around us and takes many forms, such as radio waves, microwaves, X-rays and gamma rays. Sunlight is also a form of EM energy, but visible light is only a small portion of the EM spectrum, which contains a broad range of electromagnetic wavelengths”.


This webinar helps you to gain the knowledge about basics of Antennas and the harmful hazards caused by the electromagnetic waves. E-certificates will be given to all the participants.


Date & Time: 14th July 2020 at 11.am. IST

Who can enroll? : Students, Faculties and Industrialists.

Registration link: https://forms.gle/xq75LYd3MUzw8zhC8

Meeting App: ZOOM Meetings.


Dr. P V Hunagund

Professor & Chairman,

Department of Applied Electronics

Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology

Gulbarga University

Gulbarga, Karnataka.



NOTE: Further details will be intimated through registered E-Mail IDs.


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