“State Level Virtual Technical Fest- AVAGAMAH”

State Level Virtual Technical Fest-AVAGAMAH

The Department of Electrical & Electronics, ATMECE, Mysuru had organized a “State Level Virtual Technical Fest-AVAGAMAH” on 4th and 7th Decemebr,2020 through online platform.

To encourage students to apply technical and logical thinking skills through Experiential and participatory Learning, a Virtual Hackathon event was conducted on 4th December,2020 as part of the fest. More than 140 participants from various districts of Karnataka joined through online platform and faced four rounds of evaluation. Technical cross word, Digital system Design, Technical quiz and Debug the circuit rounds were held to assess the participants. After scrutiny, Mr. Nouman Ahmed of VVCE, Mysuru bagged 1st Place, Mr. Varun A of ATMECE, Mysuru bagged 2nd Place, Mr. Joshua H Rayapuri of ATMECE and Mr. Sumanth Rao C S of JSS Academy of Technical Education, Bengaluru received consolation Prize in the event.

To enhance the creative, societal, logical and technical thinking ability in students, Make in Bharat: Innovative Idea Submission Challenge (IIC) was organised on 7th December, 2020. Proposals were submitted by the teams which was initially screened and the best 8 Teams were invited for presentation.

The proposal titled “Adjustable Spoon for Parkinson’s Disorder” presented by Mr. Joshua H Rayapuri and Ms. Dhanyatha M, Dept. of EEE, ATMECE bagged 1st Place and the proposal titled “Assistive Tool Kit for Alzheimer’s Patient” presented by Mr. Yaseen Ulla Khan and Mr. Mohammed Suhail, Dept. of EEE, ATMECE bagged 2nd Place. Both teams were mentored by Mr.Shreeshayana R, Assistant Professor.

“Voting Management”, presented by Ms. Pavithra K, Dept. of CSE, ATMECE mentored by Mr. Kiran B, Assistant Professor, “Automatic Door Knob Sanitization” presented by Ms. Arpitha R and Ms. Priyanka P D, Dept. of EEE, ATMECE mentored by Mr. Vinod Kumar P, Assistant Professor and “IoT based Hydroponics Cultivation” presented by Mr. Hemanth B S and Mr. Manjunath K B, Dept. of EEE, mentored by Mr. Shreeshayana R, Assistant Professor were awarded consolation prize. The Management, Principal and the Department congratulated the Winners.

Event 1:Virtual Hackathon

Event 2: Innovative Idea Submission Challenge  

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