Webinar on ‘IPR & its Role in Research & Innovation’

Date: 20/11/2020

Time- 10.00 to 11.30 AM

Platform: Microsoft Teams 


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Profile of Resources Person:

Dr. Prachi Chopra





  • Ph.D in Digital signal and image processing in Indira Gandhi Delhi Technological University for Women, Kashmiri Gate, Delhi
  • Harvard University- Online Course on Entrepreneurship in emerging Economics.- Business.


Program Conveners:

Dr.  Bhagyashree S R                              Dr. Parthasarathy L            

Dean Research                                               IEEE Student Branch Counsellor

Professor                                                         Professor & Head

Department  of ECE                                     Department of EEE


Program Coordinators:

Dr. Mohammed Nadeem  M

Assistant Professor Department of ME, 

Mrs. Nasreen Fathima

Assistant Professor Department of CSE,

Mr. Vinod Kumar P

Assistant Professor Department of EEE,


Report on IPR and its role in research and innovation

Organization Name:  ATME College of Engineering in association with ATME IEEE Student Branch 


Date: Nov 20th 2020

Venue: ATME College of Engineering

Online Platform: Microsoft Teams

Event Description:

ATME College of engineering had organised a webinar on “IPR and its role in research and innovation” on Nov 20th 2020. The webinar was conducted in MS Teams platform and a total of 115 participants from ATMECE and other institutions had participated. The webinar was scheduled at 10AM with formal introduction about the webinar followed by brief introduction of resource person.

Dr. Prachi Chopra, President, Delhi innovation council was kind enough to accept our invitation as resource person to educate the faculty members of various educational streams about the importance of IPR and its role in research and innovation.

Dr. Bhagyashree S R, Dean-Research and professor, ATMECE and Dr. Parthasarathy L, IEEE student branch counsellor, Professor and Head, Dept. of EEE ATMECE, were the convenors of the program.

Dr. Md Nadeem M, Asst. professor, Dept of ME, Mrs. Nasreen Fathima, Asst. professor, Dept of CSE and Mr. Vinod Kumar P, Asst. professor, Dept of EEE Organised and hosted the webinar.

Dr. Prachi chopra discussed about the importance of intellectual property rights and the crucial role of intangibles such as technology, design and branding in international manufacturing. Analysis was done by case studies pertaining to various innovations.

Dr. Prachi chopra emphasized the importance on protecting the IP law by, for example, patents, copyright and trademarks with the help of IP law. She motivated the audience to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they invent or create. By striking the right balance between the interests of innovators and the wider public interest, the IP system could be aimed to foster an environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish.

As is the case with inventions, utility models’ patents and patents are relevant for protecting, managing, exploiting innovations. Patents are the preferred IP right sought for the protection of technological innovations. Dr. Prachi mentioned that the number of patents owned by an enterprise is often used as one of the main indicators for determining its innovation intensity and patents are used as a measure of output of innovation. While such an approach is useful, it does not look at the role of the IP system as a whole in facilitating the successful introduction of innovative products in the marketplace.

Dr. Prachi Chopra answered the questionaries raised by the participants and gave them suggestions providing information related to patents, copyrights and trademark etc.

At the end Dr. Bhagyashree S R concluded the webinar by giving vote of thanks to Dr. Prachi chopra, Management of ATMECE, Dean, HODs and all the participants. Feedback form was floated to all the participants through participants respective email IDs for effective management and documentation.

Event Photos during the online sessions.

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