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Innovation at ATME

Online classes for our students

Lockdown due to this COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has stopped the regular classes in between a running semester (Jan-May). Our faculties coped up with this situation by changing over from offline to online classes. With lot of efforts they have delivered their online classes in two different manners, one by providing online live classes and the other by virtual classroom. The recorded online classes are also shared via YouTube and also via WhatsApp to maintain the reachability for all students. Effectiveness of this classroom has been measured on evaluating the student’s performance through online tests and quizzes wrt., academics.

Resuming to Research Work

Along with academic’s hindrance this COVID-19 pandemic has pulled down the research work of many aspiring scientists. In this view our faculties working in research area along with their students are called on to resume their research work. All precautionary measures have been taken against the safety of research students.

Self manufacture of Disinfectant

In view of avoiding multiple purchase from various distributors, ATME has initiated to manufacture its needs by its own. In this view, we are preparing Handwash, Floor wash and Phenyl by following the standards. Even hand sanitizers are also prepared for the safety of staff based on the recommendation of the world Health organization.

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