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“Creating Slides using LaTeX BEAMER”



Webinar on “Creating presentation slides using LaTeX BEAMER” held on 2/1/2021 from 3 pm to 4.30 pm.

Welcome speech given by Sudhakar N, Assistant prof and In charge Head, Department of mathematics

Sudhakar N Briefed about the speaker Dr.Mahesh Lohith K S

Total number of participants were 130

About the webinar

Briefed about the supporting documents required to install the Latex.

1.Introduction to L A TEX Documentation

About L A TEX,   Features of L A TEX, L A TEX vs Word,     Versions of L A TEX and Editors

Installation and File Format, L A TEX Document Classes, L A TEX 2ε Beamer

2.General structure, Beamer Coding,Frames, Blocks, Columns, title page,  lists, figures, themes, theme colours, Matrix, Equations, tables, merging etc.,

Vote of thanks given by Sudhakar N, Asst prof and Incharge Head, Department of mathematics

Feedback Survey is as follows

The content of the webinar was useful The webinar was valuable and met the expectations of the participants


Rate the speaker’s presentation skill Any suggestion regarding webinar


Yes by all 54-Excellent,25 -Good 34-Excellent,46-Good Good, Informative, useful

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