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Industry Interface

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, ATME College of Engineering, Mysuru have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) formally which provides training, internships & placement assurance.

Vivarthan Technologies (VLSI Training)

The part time two year Training programs was conducted by Vivarthan Technologies, Bangalore for pre final year and final year students in partnership with Dept. of E&C at ATME College of Engineering. The training was conducted on every Saturday’s and Sunday’s and on General holidays. Certificates were given to all the students who completed the training successfully.

The following are the topics covered in the program:

  • Circuit Design – Analog, Mixed Signal, Memory and Std (standard) Cell
  • Custom Physical Design – Analog, Mixed Signal, Memory and Std (standard) Cell
  • Digital design and Verification – ASIC and FPGA
  • Digital Physical Design (P & R)
Year No. of Students trained No. of Students placed
2014-15 5 3
2015-16 6 3
2016-17 8 1
2017-18 8 6
2018-19 14 3
2019-20 7 1

Company Tie-ups:

  • Frenus Tech Pvt Ltd

Note: Two types of courses were offered part time and full time courses for duration of 2 years.

LabVIEW Training

The key objectives of the LabVIEW Training are to:

❖ Train the students on LabVIEW platform.

❖ Prepare the students ready to take up certificate examinations.

❖ Conduct online LabVIEW certification examinations. ❖ Help students to carry out their mini and major projects in various domains using LabVIEW platform.

❖ Train faculty members on LabVIEW platform, and as a outcome of this Faculty can use LabVIEW for their research work.

❖ Conduct FDPs / Workshops / Seminars for the benefit of faculty members and students.

Year No.of Students trained
2018-19 112
2019-20 88
2020-21 72

❖ Conducted online LabVIEW certification examination in the month of July 2019 which got the best result, that 19    students and 5 faculties cleared the CLAD certification exam.

❖ Five students were shortlisted for the Electrono Solutions Pvt. Ltd Bengaluru.

❖ Conducted 5 days’ LabVIEW workshop for the students.

❖ Conducted 3 day’ online Webinar on how to become certified LabVIEW Professionals.

❖ About 40% of students completed their academic projects using the LabVIEW platform.


The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between ATME College of Engineering and ELINT LABZ, a subsidiary / division of Ajaramara Dynamics Pvt. Ltd., on the 22nd December 2017.


  1. To effectively share the facilities and expertise for improving the capabilities for advanced education and research.
  2. To facilitate academic and research interactions among employees of both institutes.
  3. Increase the relevance of the academic research and consultancy in the research and product development initiatives at ELINT LABZ.
  4. Collaborate to share and exchange information between both parties for mutual benefit and knowledge enhancement.
  5. To enable the use of laboratories, resources and test facilities.
  6. To offer internship/placements services to students.
  7. To conduct Faculty development programs as industrial training or Industry institution interaction.


The training programs were conducted by SKILLFINITY at ATME College of Engineering. Certificates were given to all the students who completed the training successfully.

The following are the topics covered in the program:

Software development fundamentals, C, C++, OS, and Industrial orientation.

Year No. of students trained
2015-16 7
2016-17 42
2017-18 47

Company Tie-ups:

  • HARMAN – COC Connectivity
  • HARMAN – Telematics
  • TEN XER Technologies
  • VAAHAN Renewable Energy
  • AVETO Consulting
  • Robert Bosch
  • Fossilshale
  • Electray
  • Solvivo
  • Xitadel

RTTC (Regional Telecom Training Center)

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between RTTC and ATME College of Engineering was signed on 05-04-2017. The Training program was conducted by RTTC in the domain Wireless Communication and Digital Switching Systems.

Year No. of Students Trained
2014-15 60
2015-16 60
2016-17 65
2017-18 64

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