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Faculty Induction & Training Program


Organizing Department Name:  

(College level event: Dean-Academics Office)

Title of the event: Faculty Induction/Training Program

Date: 26th to 28th April 2021

Venue: ATME College of Engineering

Resource person/Guest: Name, Designation, His/her social media link

Audience: Newly Joined Faculty Members and Faculty having less than 5 years of Teaching Experience of ATMECE, Mysore


Brief about Program:  

The Induction Programme for training Faculty in colleges will familiarize them in their roles as freshly inducted teachers. It will orient them on various generic aspects of teaching learning, instructional methodologies, assessment and evaluation techniques, ICT enabled teaching learning, and equip them with knowledge of University rules and regulations, basics of governance and administration.

Chief Patrons:

Sri Arun Kumar L

Chairman, ATMECE, Mysuru

Sri Shivashankar k

Hon. Secretary, ATMECE, Mysuru

Sri Veeresh  R

Hon. Treasurer


Dr. L Basavaraj


Organizing Chair:

Dr. M S Govinde Gowda

Dean (Academics), ATMCE, Mysuru


Dr. Yathisha L

Associate Professor, ECE Department, ATMECE, Mysuru


Mr. Anil Kumar C J

Associate Professor,

CSE Department, ATMECE, Mysuru

Mrs. Nasreen Fathima

Assistant Professor,

CSE Department, ATMECE, Mysuru

Mr. Girish M,

Assistant  Professor,

ATMECE, mysuru

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