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Language Lab

A Language laboratory is arranged to make foreign language learning more effective. Its Emphasis is on speaking and listening, the language lab is set in computer rooms. The Language lab includes activities like Listen, Speak, Read and Write(LSRW) which is an effective methodology for learning languages. Effective group discussions and interactions are provided for easier and effortless learning of languages.

Sl. No. Configuration Quantity
1 Dell Desktop 17 inch LCD Monitor, Dell Optiplex 380 Intel(R) Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD 10
2 Dell Optiplex 3020 Intel Core I3-4160 CPU @ 3.60 GHz, 4GB DDR RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive 17 inch LCD Monitor 16
Sl. No. Description
1 Orell  iTell Digital Language Lab 1 Server + 20 Consoles

Version: Premium 1

With One (01) Webcam and Ten (21) Headphones

iTell is much more than a digital language lab – it is a way-of-learning, perhaps the only one of its kind that will forever revolutionize the way we acquire proficiency in a foreign language.

  • LSRW– Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing are the four aspects of the right way to learn any language the unconsciously adopted methodology of learning to communicate in our mother tongue. These basic functions are available in a conventional digital language lab.
  • These four essential skills are systematically put to work in tandem with activities that require their use and are designed to support learners in the process of acquiring communication skill sets quickly.
  • Speaking: Emphasis on natural conversation, provide speaking opportunities that systematically build-up on oral fluency while offering personalized speaking practice sessions and opportunities to share opinions that are fun and enjoyable
  • Reading: Sometimes referred to as written comprehension, reading is a key skill vital to language development. Often there is a feeling that reading is not as useful as speaking, but these skills are equally important.
  • Writing: When learning a foreign language, writing is a skill that students must develop. When expressing oneself in a language, this is only done in an oral fashion; written communication is vital to language learning.

Teachers’ Benefits

  • Listen, Speak, Read and Write (LSRW) Activities – The most effective methodology used for teaching languages.
  • Communicating options for the teacher in text and audio/video with native accents enhance teaching efficiency.
  • Most effective control of individual students by monitoring their activities remotely and incognito provide total control for the teachers.
  • Incognito individual student monitoring for a better understanding of the student’s progress in learning enhances teaching and learning efficiency.
  • Total control over student/group/class wise for the teacher to remotely access their systems provide better management of the live class.
  • Unlimited customized e-lessons creation using video/audio/text saves time for the learners and teachers and enhances efficiency.
  • Assign Lessons according to the learning progress to Individual/Group or all the students enable easy and effective learning for students.
  • Modify pre-loaded lessons to suit class/individual Student needs improves learning and teaching process.
  • Automatic recording of the feedback from the students in text/audio/video in a live class environment enable the teachers the most effective use of time.
  • User-friendly interfaces save time and make learning enjoyable.

Students’ Benefits

  • Listen, Speak, Read and Write (LSRW) Activities – The most effective methodology used for learning languages.
  • Compare/Evaluate/Repeat with original/native accents deliver improved results on learning languages.
  • Review lessons in text/audio/video formats provide quicker learning.
  • Alert options for clarifications with the teacher in-private avoiding inhibitions and encourages easy learning for shy students.
  • Highly effective listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are developed with access to advanced material in the text, audio, and video formats.
  • Effective group discussions and interactions are provided for easier and effortless learning of languages.
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