Course: Pedagogical Innovations and Research Methodology (Interdisciplinary)

About the Course : 21st century is of digital native. In this era, Pedagogy, Transaction and Evaluation along with Flip class rooms Approach is equipped with technological supported pedagogical innovations. Digital skills and competencies will always be the ground which education of 21st century will grow and thrive.  So, that teachers should focus on digital competence to explore new pedagogical innovations and new endeavors of Research methodology. Educational needs of learners are changing faster than teachers can cope up with. We teachers have to welcome technology into our class rooms equipping students with new experiences. Technology helps make teaching, learning and research more meaningful and enjoyable. There are number of powerful technology tools in the class room learning that teachers can use in the classroom that go beyond to the text books. Technology has a way of keeping students motivated as well as engaged in what they are learning. It also has the ability to change the reluctant learners into passionate readers. Many teachers are shifting away from text books dependent classrooms and moving towards a more student cantered, digital atmosphere driven by technology in the classroom.

Sl. No Name of the Faculty
1 Mr. Kiran B
2 Mrs. Sneha N P
3 Mr. Sushma V
4 Mr. Anil Kumar C J
5 Mrs. Impana Appaji
6 Mrs. Archana M R
7 Mrs. Nasreen Fathima
8 Miss. Kavyashree Ed
9 Mrs. Sunitha Patel M S
10 Miss. Keerthana M M
11 Mr. Raghura M A S
12 Mr. Shrinivas A G
13 Mr. Mohanesh B M
Sl. No Name of the Faculty
1 Mr. Manu Vijay
2 Dr. Suresha K J
3 Dr. Akshaya B J
4 Mrs. Shruthi H G
5 Mr. Mandeep G
6 Mrs. Jyothi D N
7 Mr. Srivathsa H U
8 Mr. Shashank P
9 Mr. Puneeth K
Sl. No Name of the Faculty
1 Dr. Prathibha M K
2 Mrs. Pavithra A C
3 Mr. Guruprasad K N
4 Mr. Pradeep Kumar Y
5 Mr. Chandrashekar P
6 Mrs. Darshini M B
7 Mrs. Harshitha N
8 Mrs. Keerthi A Kumbar
9 Mrs. Shalini V S
10 Ms. Anupama Shetter
Sl. No Name of the Faculty
1 Dr. Rathnakar G
2 Dr. Srinivasa K
3 Mr. Devaraj MR
4 Mr. Ravi Kumar S
5 Mr. Suresh Kumar S
6 Dr. Manjunath HS
7 Mr. Chethan S
8 Mr. Niranjan Kumar VS
9 Mr. Raghu
10 Mr. Thejkumar J
11 Mr. Mohanakumara  K  C
12 Dr. MD Nadeem M
13 Mr. Yathisha N
14 Mr. Ramanuja C M
15 Mr. Swarnakiran S
16 Mr. Rohith S
17 Mr. Karthik Kumar M
18 Mr. Pavan Kumar KP
Sl. No Name of the Faculty
1 Mr. Raghavendra L
2 Mr. Sathish K R
3 Mr.  Praveen Kumar M
4 Mr. Vinod Kumar P
5 Mr. Shreeshayana R
6 Ms. Swapna H
7 Mr. Rajesh K S