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Mr. Girish M

Education Details:

  • B.E in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • M.Tech in Digital electronics and communication systems

Contact Details

Email ID girishm_ec@atme.edu.in
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Google Scholor  ID https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=HFf8vrIAAAAJ&hl=en
Orcid ID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3681-1513
Vidwaan ID https://vidwan.inflibnet.ac.in/profile/201866
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Professional Experience

  • Teaching 6.5 years

Publication Details:

  • Girish M, Manjunath K, Harshitha N “5G Phased array Beam forming Antenna Design for future communication technology”, ICRTST 2021, ATME College of Engineering, Mysuru
  • Girish M, Manjunath K, Harshitha N, Juslin F, Double stegging design to hide message in video using AES and DWT methods, RTEICT 2018, SVCE, Bengaluru, 18th May 2018.
  • Harshitha N, Girish M, Dr. Yathisha L, Switching control of Multi –LQRs for UPFC in Power Systems, I2CT 2018, Pune, 6th to 8th April 2018.
  • Girish M., Manjunath K and Harshitha N, Vehicular communication intelligent collision Warning System, IJCAR, volume 7, issue 1, jan 2018, pp 8840-8843,ISSN: 2319-6475, impact factor 5.91
  • Girish M ,Anil R, Hithaish Kumar, Word repetition analysis in stuttered speech using MFCC and Dynamic Time Warping in IJSET, National Conference on Communication and Image Processing, Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering, T John Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Pub. By: International Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology, ISSN (O): 2348-4098, ISSN (P): 2395-4752.
  • Girish M, Chandan G N,“GUI based ROBUST Digital Video Watermarking using 3-level DWT” in IJEECS, January 2017, ISSN 2348-117x.
  • S R Bhagyashree , Chandan G N, Girish M, “Image compression using AMBTC”, ICIRESM-16, IETE conference, New Delhi (Google Scholar)
  • Girish M, Chandan G N, Pavithra A C, XBee Based Remote Controllable and energy saving room architecture”, IRJET Vol-3 issue – 6 ISSN:2395-0056 ,2016 (Impact factor – 4.45)
  • Girish M, Design of Digital Pulse Width Modulator with High resolution and Optimized Power”, IJSRD, Vol. – 3, Issue-3, ISSN; 2321-0613 pp 890-894, 2015 (Impact factor – 2.63).

Roles and Responsibility

  • Lab Incharge
  • Class Teacher
  • Department NBA Coordinator
  • QS I Gauge Member
  • PSE committee Member

Professional body membership

  • ISTE

Achievements: @ University Level

  • Obtained CLAD (Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer) Certification from NI LabVIEW.
  • Guided Project on “Automated toll collection per Kilometer in toll plaza” is Approved and Sanctioned with fund from Govt. body KSCST

FDP/Conferences/Workshops attended/Conducted

  • One week FDP on Introduction to Swift Language
  • One week FDP on Recent Trends in IoT and Cloud Computing
  • Two week FDP on Python
  • One week FDP on Machine Learning using Python
  • One week FDP on contemporary tools in Education 4.0
  • Conducted four-week internship program on LabVIEW and Its Applications
  • Conducted 3 Day workshop on Advanced Embedded Systems using NI LabVIEW
  • Organized Three day FDP on Importance of NAAC Accreditation in HEI
  • Organized three Day FDP on Intellectual Property Rights in Education

Research Area of Interest

  • Embedded Systems and IoT
  • Antennas & wave Propagations

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