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Faculty Name:  RAGHAVENDRA L


  • M.Tech in Energy Systems and Management
  • B.E in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Contact Details

Email ID raghavendral_ee@atme.edu.in
LinkedIn ID https://www.linkedin.com/in/raghavendra-lakshman-68466a56/
Google Scholor  ID https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=zBXz0iMAAAAJ&hl=en
Orcid ID https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3586-4864
Vidwaan ID https://vidwan.inflibnet.ac.in/profile/201285
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Professional Experience:

  • Teaching-15 Years

Publication Details:

  • Shreeshayana R, Raghavendra L, Manjunatha K B, Hemanth B S, “Portable Baby Incubator for Monitoring Sleep Apnea”, International Conference for Recent Trends in Science and Technology-2022, July 14th & 15th 2022.
  • Raghavendra L, Sathish K R, Priyadarshini N J “Review of Wireless Charging Technologies for Electric Vehicles” in IRJET, Volume: 09, Issue: 04 | April 2022, pp-4033-4040. https://www.irjet.net/archives/V9/i4/IRJET-V9I4594.pdf
  • Raghavendra L, Siddiq Ahmed Khan, Narasimha Murthy, “Experimental Determination of THD for Different Lighting loads” in IJSRCSEIT | Volume 4 | Issue 6 | ISSN: 2456-3307, pp-1045-50. https://ijsrcseit.com/paper/CSEIT1846198.pdf
  • Rajesh K S, Sathish K R, Raghavendra L “Induction Motor Drive system using Push-Pull Converter and Three Phase Inverter” in IJCRT, Volume 5, Issue 3, January 2018, ISSN: 2320-2882, pp-1841-1848. https://ijcrt.org/papers/IJCRT1801249.pdf
  • Raghavendra L, Shreeshayana R, Parthasarathy L “Modelling of Compact Fluorescent Lamp and Mitigation of Harmonic Distortion with Passive Filter” in IJCRT, Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2018, ISSN: 2320-2882, pp-244-249.https://ijcrt.org/papers/IJCRT1801032.pdf
  • Sanjay S, Raghavendra L “Adaptable Speed Bridgeless Sepic Converter VSI Fed BLDC Motor Drive” in International Conference on Current Trends in Computer, Electrical, Electronics and Communication -2017. https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/8455065
  • Raghavendra L, A D Srinivasan, Santhosh Kumar R “The Effect of Supply Distortion on the performance of Three Phase Induction Motor” in IJRSI, online journal, pp 31-36, Volume 2 Issue 10, October 2015. https://bit.ly/3sT7bhb
  • Raghavendra L, Sathish K R, “Smart System in Irrigation Field” in IJCA Proceedings NCPSIA 2015, Volume 2, pp 19-21. https://www.ijcaonline.org/proceedings/ncpsia2015/number2/23336-7247
  • Raghavendra L, A D Srinivasan “Impact of Harmonic distortion on the Performance of Three Phase Induction”, Proc. of 3- day National Conference on Advanced Control in Engineering Systems, M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, 21-23 September 2011.
  • Raghavendra L, A D Srinivasan, Pradipkumar Dixit “Modelling of Three Phase Induction Motor using PSCAD”, Proc. of National Conference on Recent Trends and Application in Electrical and Electronics Systems, DBIT, Bangalore, 28th to 30th, April 2011.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Nodal Officer: AISHE
  • Member: Statutory Approval and Affiliation Committee (AICTE, VTU etc.)
  • Member: Student Welfare and Disciplinary Committee
  • Member: Admission Committee
  • Member: Gender Equality

Professional body membership

  • MIE- Member of the Institution of Engineers
  • IAENG- International Association of Engineers
  • ISTE: Indian Society for Technical Education
  • Member IEEE

FDP/Conferences/Workshops attended/Conducted


  • Attended Five days Online workshop on “Electric Power Grid Modernization: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities” held during 20th to 24th July, 2020 organized by NIE, Mysuru.
  • Attended Five days Online STC on “Transition in Power Electronics towards Sustainable, Smart and Flexible Micro-Grids” sponsored by MeitY Govt. of India, held during 19th to 23rd October 2020.
  • Attended Five Days National Level Workshop on “Academic & Research Writing” held during 25th, 26th & 29th to 31st March 2021 organized by ATMECE, Mysuru.

Faculty Development Program:

  • Organized National Level One Week Online Faculty Development Program on “Contemporary Scenario in Power Systems” held during 25th- 30th July 2020.
  • Attended National Level Five Days Online Faculty Development Program on “Operational Planning in Electric Distribution Systems” held during 11th to 15th January 2021 organized by BIET, Davangere.
  • Organized National Level One Week Faculty Development Program on “Recent Development in Green Technologies” held during 24th- 29th September 2021.


  • Awarded Australian Innovation Patent Application number – 2021100914 dated 17.02.2021. for the titled “Thermal Effect Powered Electric Motor to Minimize the Power Consumption in the Electric Vehicle”.
  • Published Indian Patent: 202221032625: Titled “Machine Learning & IoT based Renewable Energy in Smart Grids”. https://ipindiaservices.gov.in/PatentSearch/PatentSearch/ViewApplicationStatus

Research Area of Interest

Distributed Generation, Battery Management System, Micro grid and Smart grid.

Proposal/Funding/Awards/Financial Assistance

Student Capstone Projects with Financial assistance under SPP Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology for the Year: AY: 202-22.

Research/ Professional/Social Outreach Sites

Vidwan ID: 201285

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3586-4864

Google Scholar: zBXz0iMAAAAJ

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