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Faculty Name : Mr. SHREESHAYANA R

Designation:  Assistant Professor


  • Research Scholar in Electrical Engineering
  • MTech: Biomedical Signal Processing & Instrumentation
  • BE : Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Contact Details

Email ID shreeshayanar_ee@atme.edu.in
LinkedIn ID https://in.linkedin.com/in/shree-shayana-r-b1338922
Google Scholor  ID https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=ZB8KKEkAAAAJ&hl=en
Orcid ID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3149-7393 
Vidwaan ID https://vidwan.inflibnet.ac.in/profile/201262
Scopus ID https://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.uri?authorId=57440025100

Professional Experience

  • Teaching- 9 Years
  • Research- 1 Year

Area of Interest

  • Biomedical Prosthetics, AI-ML, IoT, Robotics, Microcontrollers, Power Systems, EV, Energy Storage Devices.


Publication Details


National           International

–                          7

Conference (Published/Presented)

National               International

1                             6

  1. Shreeshayana R1, Manjunath V Gudur2, Niranjan L3, Sreekantha B4, Ergonomic Automated Dry and Wet Waste Segregation and Compost Production for Innovative Waste Management”, IEEE 3rd Global Conference for Advancement in Technology(GCAT)-2022.
  2. Niranjan L1, Manjunath V Gudur2, Shreeshayana R3, Sreekantha4, “IoT Based Innovative Smart Monitoring of Aquaponics System Using Atmega 328P and ESP 8266”, IEEE 3rd Global Conference for Advancement in Technology(GCAT)-2022.
  3. Shreeshayana R1, Raghavendra L2, Manjunatha K B3, Hemanth B S3, “Portable Baby Incubator for Monitoring Sleep Apnea”, International Conference for Recent Trends in Science and Technology-2022, July 14th & 15th 2022.
  4. Vinod Kumar P1, Dr. Kamala N 2, Shreeshayana R2, “Controlling a Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Robot(TWSBR) with Gyroscope”, International Conference for Recent Trends in Science and Technology-2022, July 14th & 15th 2022.
  5. M Pradeep Kumar1, Manjunath V Gudur2, Shreeshayana R3, D S Sriramu “VLSI implementation of Digital Watermarking Technique for security and authentication of Digital Data”, IEEE Xplore: 21st December 2021. https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9645910
  6. Shreeshayana R1, Simrah Fathima2, “Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine with Incinerator for Menstrual Hygiene”, International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET), Volume: 08, Special Issue, Oct 2021.https://www.irjet.net/archives/V8/i10/ICRTST-2021/IRJET-V8I1007.pdf  
  7. Sangeetha B1, Shreeshayana R2, “Design of Motorised Wheelchair for Paraplegic”, International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET), Volume: 08, Special Issue, Oct 2021.https://www.irjet.net/archives/V8/i10/ICRTST-2021/IRJET-V8I1002.pdf  
  8. Manjunath V Gudur 1, Shreeshayana R2, Dr.Naveen K B3, Naveen H 4, “Auto Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessel Image using 2-D Gaussian Filter and its First and Second Order Derivative”, Test Engineering and Management, Vol. 83, 12495 – 12505, March-April-2020.http://www.testmagzine.biz/index.php/testmagzine/article/view/5878/4669  
  9. Raghavendra L1 ,Shreeshayana R 2,Parthasarathy L3 “Modelling of Compact Fluorescent Lamp and Mitigation of Harmonic Distortion with Passive Filter”, IJCRT, Vol.6, Issue 1, Jan 2018. https://ijcrt.org/papers/IJCRT1801032.pdf
  10. Shreeshayana R 1, Raghavendra L 2 ,“Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting using PZT in Floor Tile Design” , International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Vol. 6, Issue 12, December 2017.https://www.ijareeie.com/upload/2017/december/18_Paper%20id%20E61212619-IJAREEIE.pdf
  11. Santhosh Kumar R 1, Shreeshayana R 2,“Design and Simulation Analysis of Power Factor Correction Using Boost Converter with IC UC3854”,IJIRSET, Vol. 6, Issue 5, May 2017.Impact Factor:6.2http://www.ijirset.com/upload/2017/may/214_Design.pdf  
  12. Santhosh Kumar R 1,Shreeshayana R 2 “Power Factor Correction Using Boost Converter with IC UC3854”, National Conference on Recent trends in Electrical ,Electronics, Computing and Information Technology, Sep 24th ,2016
  13. Santhosh Kumar R 1, Shreeshayana R 2,Vinod Kumar P 3,“Design and Simulation of Control Circuit for Single Phase Cycloconverter”, International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, Vol. 3, Issue 7, July 2015. Impact Factor:5.6.http://ijircce.com/admin/main/storage/app/pdf/8pxUAROGd1FHudi73pnhhAZCN5Inxcj4i6DVssmu.pdf  
  14. Shreeshayana R 1, Udayashankara V 2 ,“Glioma Multiforme Brain Tumor Segmentation using Soft Computing Techniques with Integrated Radiology Study Maker”, International Conference on Electronics and Communication Engineering. Bengaluru; 2013, ISBN: 978-93-83060-04-7.https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/24691758/glioma-multiforme-brain-tumor-segmentation-using-irnet-explore  

Roles and Responsibilities: Institute Level

  • NIRF Nodal Officer
  • AVR Training In-Charge
  • Techoir-UOB
  • NAAC C-II Dept. Co-ordinator


Roles and Responsibilities: Department Level

  • Project Coordinator
  • Internship Coordinator
  • Lab In-charge: Microcontrollers (18EEL57)


Professional body membership

  • ISTE-Indian Society for Technical Education
  • IAENG-International Association of Engineers
  • IEI-Institute of Engineers (AMIE)
  • IEEE




  • Published Indian Patent: 202041029920 A
  • Title of the invention: A Single Window Documentation Procedure for Multiple Assessment and Appraisal Requirements
  • Date of filing of Application :14/07/2020
  • Publication Date : 13/11/2020
  • http://ipindia.gov.in/writereaddata/Portal/IPOJournal/1_4925_1/Part-1.pdf


  • Published Indian Patent: 202241007930
  • Title of the invention: Risk Combating Personal Protection Equipment
  • Date of filing of Application :15/02/2022
  • Publication Date : 25/02/2020
  • https://www.quickcompany.in/patents/risk-combating-personal-protection-equipment



Proposal/Funding/Awards/Financial Assistance

  • Student Capstone Project with Financial assistance under VTU during 2021-2022.
  • Guided students towards Best Project of the Year Award under the 44th Series-SPP Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology-2021
  • Student Capstone Projects with Financial assistance under SPP Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology for the Year: AY:2017-18,2019-2020,2020-21.
  • Proposal approved by MHRD-Innovation Cell. Title: Artificial Intelligence Based Smart Irrigation System (AISIS)-2020.
  • Student Project Proposal with Financial assistance under India Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2019 powered by AICTE mission, DST & Texas Instruments anchored by NSRCEL.
  • Guided Students towards the Best Project at DBIT, Bengaluru, GSSSIETW, Mysuru, ATME College of Engineering Mysuru during 2020-2021. Best Project Presentation at GSSIETW, Mysuru during 2019-2020.



  • Best Teacher Award by ATME College of Engineering, Mysuru for the year 2020-2021
  • Best Teacher Award by ATME College of Engineering, Mysuru for the year 2016-17.
  • KSNA has given Award of Excellence in M. Tech for good academic performance.


Research/ Professional/Social Outreach Sites

Vidwan ID: https://vidwan.inflibnet.ac.in/profile/201262

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3149-7393

Google Scholar : https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=ZB8KKEkAAAAJ&hl=en

Linkedin:      https://in.linkedin.com/in/shree-shayana-r-b1338922


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