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National Innovations and Start-up Policy (NISP)

National Innovations and Start-up Policy (NISP) has been identified as a part of the innovation and entrepreneurship initiative in the Institution. In this regard, ATME College of Engineering, Mysuru has initiated the process of creation of a startup ecosystem.

The institute has been working with startups previously. The streamlining of this process as per NISP (GOI) regulations has been recorded herewith.

Dr. Basavaraj L, Principal is the Chairperson for NISP and IIC at ATME, Mysuru. Dr. Yatisha L, Dean-Student Affairs, is the President for NISP and Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC). Abhilash G., Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, will be the Coordinator for NISP.

MoE Innovation Cell (GoI) has laid down the National Innovation and Start-up Policy framework for HEIs. The framework provides the means to practically promote, develop, innovate, and commercialize start-ups in an existing academic setup.

Among the various aspects the institute is required to focus on the following aspects during the initial implementation of the policy:

  1. HEIs Strategies & Governance for Promoting Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  2. Creating Innovation Pipeline and Pathways for Entrepreneurs
  3. Building Organizational Capacity, Human Resources and Incentives to support and promote innovative and entrepreneurial activities
  4. Collaboration, Co-creation, Business Relationship and Knowledge Exchange within campus and among the ecosystem enablers co-exist at regional and national level
  5. Incentivizing Students for Entrepreneurship and Startup pursuits
  6. Incentivizing faculty and Staff for Entrepreneurship and Startup pursuits
  7. Incubation & Pre-incubation support and facility creation in HEIs
  8. IP ownership rights for technologies Development and transfer in HEIs
  9. Pedagogy and Learning Interventions for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development
  10. Entrepreneurial Performance Impact Assessment.

Objectives of NISP

  • To mobilize innovation, entrepreneurship and startup environment in the institute.
  • To Incentivize Faculty & Students for Entrepreneurship.
  • To support alumni in entrepreneurships and ventures.
  • To collaborate, innovate and incentivize R&D and consultation activities with external organizations.

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