05 Aug 2020



01.06.2020 Extension of Services of Retired Officers in the Department of Health and Family Welfare.

02.04.2020 Regarding postponement of retirement

02.05.2020 Notification regarding regulations for wearing mask in public and to maintain social distancing and penalty

03.06.2020 circular(eng)- 4-6-2020

04.04.2020 Circular taking necessary and effective emergency measures at district level

04.05.2020 Operating of Industries Industrial Establishments in Karnataka

04.06.2020 Guidelines for isolation of COVID positive person at home

06.06.2020 Circular-Entering of the Reports by the Laboratories in ICMR Portal.

08.05.2020 Circular regarding allowing certain activities as per the new guidelines dated 03-05-2020 for two weeks in the state Covid-19 Zones

09.06.2020 Establishing of COVID Care Centres (CCC) by private medical

11.04.2020 compulsory use of Aarogya setu app-converted

13.03.2020 About granting leave to government private colleges for coronavirus

13.03.2020 circular related corona virus

13.05.2020 Advisory to information technology ITES and business process management sector.

13.05 .2020 notification

14.07.2020 Order-Filling Lab Technician, Pharmacist and Group-D vacancies in the Department of HFW in the context of COVID-19 on Contract Outsourcing basis

15.03.2020 Regarding changes in the circular

15.05.2020 New guidelines for primary and higher secondary schools for the academic year 2020-21 regarding maintaining social distancing

16.04.2020 Circular Report Duty Essential Services

17.04.2020 Not to Collect Fee from Private Schools Online Class

18.05.2020 DPAR 123 DBM 2020 (P)

19.06.2020 school fee 2021

19.07.2020 Delegation of Power to Director to ensure availibility of Govt. Quota of beds in Pvt Medical Institutions

21.03.2020 Regarding mandatory preventive measures taken at college level

22.05.2020 SOP Version 3 for Inter State Passengers to Karnataka

23.03.2020Covid19 (Corona Virus) Regarding forming task force at grama panchayats and villages to curb the spread of Corona Virus

23.04.2020 Covid19 test for Journilists

25.03.2020 Conducting fever checks for early detection against the spread of Covid-19 infection

25.04.2020 Public essential needs

27.04.2020 biometric reg

27.06.2020 Circular – COVID-19 related Work Allocation at District Level

27.07.2020 Provisions of Medical facilities to Poura-Karmikas

28.04.2020 collect smartphone of students


30.05.2020 Pvt school reopening

30.5.2020MHA Order Dt.

30.5.2020 with guidelines on extension of LD in Containment Zones and phased reopening

30.06.2020 Circular-Focus on protection of Interests of all the concerned and Prevention of Spread of Infection



Private Hospitals for Covid 19 with List of Hospitals

Testing in Pvt Lab


COVID 19 Information Portal, Gov. Of Karnataka



Innovation at ATME during COVID pandemic

Online classes for our students

Lockdown due to this COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has stopped the regular classes in between a running semester (Jan-May). Our faculties coped up with this situation by changing over from offline to online classes. With lot of efforts they have delivered their online classes in two different manners, one by providing online live classes and the other by virtual classroom. The recorded online classes are also shared via YouTube and also via WhatsApp to maintain the reachability for all students. Effectiveness of this classroom has been measured on evaluating the student’s performance through online tests and quizzes wrt., academics.

Along with academic’s hindrance this COVID-19 pandemic has pulled down the research work of many aspiring scientists. In this view our faculties working in research area along with their students are called on to resume their research work. All precautionary measures have been taken against the safety of research students.

In view of avoiding multiple purchase from various distributors, ATME has initiated to manufacture its needs by its own. In this view, we are preparing Handwash, Floor wash and Phenyl by following the standards. Even hand sanitizers are also prepared for the safety of staff based on the recommendation of the world Health organization.

COVID – 19 Response Team

COVID – 19 Response Team

Name: Srivatsa H U

Designation: Assistant Professor

Department: Civil Engineering

Phone: 8867572081

Email: srivatsa.26@gmail.com

Name: Naveen M

USN: 4AD17CV023

Department: Civil Engineering

Phone: 8867529868

Email: naveennavidec28@gmail.com


Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Phone: 9972322811

Email: mrdatme@gmail.com

Name: Mrs. Harshitha N

Designation : Assistant Professor

Department: ECE

Phone: 9632706457

Email: harsh.mani1128@gmail.com


USN : 4AD18EC016

Sem : 5th sem

Phone: 8310561661


Name: Anil Kumar C J

Designation: Associate Professor

Department: Computer Science and Engineering

Phone: 9900477621

Email: anilkumar.cj@atme.in



SEM: 7th SEM

USN: 4AD17CS008



Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Email: pkumarmys@gmail.com

Phone: 9731251884


USN: – 4AD18EE405

Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Email: pavanmohan1234@gmail.com

Phone: 8904507281

Name: Anoop M

Designation: Assistant Administrative Officer(AAO)

Department: Administration

Phone: 9448285644

Email: anoop.m@atme.in

Name: Dr. Avinash. K

Designation: Assistant Professor

Department: Chemistry

Phone: 9148623123

Email:  avinashkchemistry@gmail.com

Name: Manjunatha H R
Designation: Foreman
Department: Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering,
Phone: +919845984554

Email: hrmatme@gmail.com

Name : Amrutha Kashyap

Designation : Office Superintendent

Department : Administration

Phone: 9945657709

Email: amrutha@atme.in

Name : Shivakumar M

Designation : Librarian

Department : Administration

Phone : 9880003058

Email : shivakumar.mbs@gmail.com

Name: Muralidhar M P

Designation: Director of Physical Education

Department: Physical Education & Sports

Phone: 9611551921

Email: mpmuralidhar7@gmail.com