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For Job code NTS002

The Job: Instructor & Assistant Instructors
Education: Diploma /B. Tech in relevant branch with 1st class
Experience:                                2-3 years
Location: Mysuru
Employment Type: Permanent
Roles and Responsibilities: a) Make a list of components & equipment for the upcoming lab in consultation with faculty in charge of lab, Foreman & HOD.

b) Arrange for demonstration of new equipment purchase if any, in consultation

with Foreman and faculty in-charge.

c) Check the quality of equipment and certify, after purchase of equipment

d) Identify weak students by the end of the first month and report the list to

faculty in-charge.

e) Schedule additional classes for the weak students in consultation with

Foreman and faculty in-charge.

f) Monitor the progress of the students and ensure students reach the required

level of competency before the end of second month.

g) Help the students in the implementation of mini projects & Projects.

h) Assist the faculty in the preparation of the lab manual.

i) Test the lab experiments one month before the commencement of the semester.

j) Providing guidance & assistance to students to do mini projects & projects.

k) Design & develop required material for the smooth conduction of the lab.

l) Upload the lab videos two weeks before the commencement of the semester.

m) Coordinating with Internship program.

n) Assisting faculty in preparing the content for virtual lab

o) Assist the faculty with the assigned work.

p) Maintain the logbook.

q) Maintain the stock register.

r) Check the working of equipment within 15 days after the last working day and

get the servicing done if required either in-house or from an external agency.

s) Get the calibration of equipment done within 15days after the last working

day of the semester.

t) Prepare charts/ boards required for the upcoming labs within three weeks

after the last working day.

u) Display the lab timetable, list of students, list of experiments, and lab cycle in

the notice board.

v) Assist foreman to prepare documents during the examination.

w) Coordinate and provide support in Department & Institution related activities

x) Assist, coordinate & provide support in Department & institutional related


y) Taking active participation in providing assistance to the administrators of the


z) Assisting faculty in writing proposals for funding.

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