Dr. Mahesh Lohith K S

Dr. Mahesh Lohith K S was recommended as the “Course Expert” for the course Engineering Physics (UG) with code 18PHY21/22, by Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) for e-Shikshana Programme of VTU. Dr Mahesh Lohith K S has delivered a series of  lectures on “Maxwell’s Equations and Electromagnetic Waves”  and  a forementioned lectures are available on the VTU e-shikshana Youtube Channel.

e-Shikshana programme is an advanced multi-modal, multi-platform, collaborative e-learning platform which allows a course experts to teach or interact with a large number of students across VTU affiliated colleges on a real-time basis.

Module 3 : Maxwell’s Equations and Electromagnetic Waves

Lecture 1 : Introduction

Lecture 2 

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6 

Lecture 7

Lecture 8

Lecture 9

Lecture 10


Career Guidance Program

The Insitituion Innovation Council (IIC)  ATMECE organised  ” Entrepreneurship opportunities – a career guidance to the young minds” by Dr. Mahesh Lohith (HoD, Dept. of Physics, ATMECE, Mysuru) on 19th of February 2022 for the Students of ATMECE at 3.00pm.

Sl. No. Title of paper Authors Name Conference Name National/ International Venue Proceedings of Conference Publisher Year ISBN/ ISSN DOI Indexing No. Of Citations
1 Low friction stability and low wear of some source self-lubricating engineered polymer composites under heavy loading conditions Ramachandra M NDr Mahesh Lohith,Nandan P,Chandrakala N C National Conference on Recent Trends in Geoscience, aterial Science & Civil Engineering. National ATME, College of Engineering Mysuru. RTGMCE-2017 EXCEL India Publications New Delhi Sep-2017 978-93-86256-67-6