Placement Team

The department is assisted by a committee comprising of faculties from all 5 departments along with the student’s coordinators. The student’s placement secretary will be elected from the student’s coordinators. The committee evolves a broad policy framework every year besides a set of rules are inviolable. The student’s coordinators are closely co-opted in implementing these policy decisions. The team decides the companies before conducting recruitment in the college and maintains all records.



Placement committee:


TPO Faculty Coordinators Designation Dept
Mr Anilkumar C J Asso. Prof. CSE
Mrs Shrilakshmi Prasad Asst. Prof. CSE
Mrs Sowmya Shree P Asst. Prof. CSE
Mr Guruprasad K N Asst. Prof. ECE
Mr. Deepak M V S Mr Manjunath K Asst. Prof. ECE
Asst. Prof. and TPO Mrs Keerthi A Kumbar Asst. Prof. ECE
Mr Shree Shayana R Asst. Prof. EEE
Mr Vinod Kumar P Asst. Prof. EEE
Mr Yathisha N Asst. Prof. ME
Mr Girishkumar G S Asst. Prof. ME
Mr Swarnakiran S Asst. Prof. ME
Mr Mandeep G Asst. Prof. CV
Mr Srivathsa H U Asst. Prof. CV

Student’s committee:

Student’s secretary: Zoha Afreen from CS dept


Name Department
Mr Sreejith ME
Mr Nandeesh ME
Mr Bharath ME
Mr Teja kumara ME
Ms. Nikitha M EC
Mr Shrijesha TS EC
Ms. Ranjitha G EC
Mr. Sanjay S CS
Ms. Varshithaa CS
Ms. Harshitha S CS
Mr. Rudresh RM CS
Mr. Siddiq ahmed khan EE
Mr. Rahul CM EE
Ms. Afnan EE
Ms. Amulya j d EE
Mr. Karthik CV CV
Zms. Humera Taj CV


Roles and responsibilities of faculty coordinators:

The role of the faculty coordinator is to enhance student learning skills, communication, leadership qualities and informal assessment that demonstrates student’s capability.  The responsibilities are

  1. During training, the faculty’s coordinators are voluntarily participate along with students, monitor attendance, discipline during the session, collect feedback, and improve the session. They also interact with the management towards enhancement of skills required among their students.
  2. Generally placement is conducted during final year BE course where they prepare students database and maintain effective communication throughout placement season. They interact with companies and invite them for placement drives in the college. Based on industry feedback they provide technical skills t their students. They liaison with their alumni and invite companies for conducting placement drives in the college. They maintain all required placement documents in their department.


Roles and responsibilities of student’s coordinators:

Student’s secretary will be elected among student’s coordinators and support the faculty team during placement drives. It includes communication, interact with company guest, and arrange facility to conduct the drive in the college.