Remedial Classes


Remedial instruction can help struggling learners shore up their basic skills. This extra support can help them catch up to their peers. sometimes, if a student’s gaps in learning aren’t related to a disability, it can eliminate the need for referral to special education .

  • Teach step-by-step without skipping over content.
  • Conducting Technical talk.
  • Assignments
  • Conducting Seminars.
  • Guest lectures.
  • Network related concepts explained in Cisco
  • Few projects can be given to students as hobby projects.

Remedial classes are conducted to as a measure for slow learners. It also encourages a close understanding between teachers and their wards. Following are the activities carried out as part of remedial classes.

  • Solving addition problems tutorial classes
  • Assignments
  • Use of miniature models for explanation in tutorial classes
  • Guest lectures

The slow learners (weak students) are identified from the previous performance of university examination, number of backlogs, lack of participation in classroom discussion and performance in the assessment tests

The following remedial Measures are given to them

  • The allotted counselors track Student Performance and offer remedial measures
  • Self-learning activity is provided after IA2 performance where mock tests are provided at the end of the activity to assess and improve their performance.
  • Mixed with bright students for participation in the project, paper presentation, poster presentation, to support peer learning

Impact of Initiatives after providing remedial measures

  • Improved results in the remedial offered course.