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Solar Rooftop System

  1. We have 250KVA transformer with 70Kva Contract load Electricity Board with a centralized distribution panel for the individual blocks with safety equipment
  2. As a backbone, we also have 100KW – Diesel Generator
  3. We have installed a 95Kwp ( Solar Roof Top Photo volatile – Grid Tried System)
  • SERAPHIM 315 Wp Solar panels for 95 Kwp
  • Good We Inverter of 25Kw of 4 No’s
  • For safety installed Lightening arresters, Metal board, inverter earthing.
  • Modules are mounted on MS skillion truss type structure with 35inclination towards under space will be utilized.
  • Contract period with Electricity board for 25 years with 9.56 piece per unit.

Solar SRTPV Conclusion – Small Effort towards an environmentally friendly campus.

Assured units Generation 1500 units Annually/ kW

  • On an Average,if we consider 1 hour as a power failure per day.
  • Average generation will be 5 Units /kW.
  • Average Sunny days will be 310 days in Mysore.

1,47,250 Units/ Year

Savings in CO2emission – Which is equal to planting 402 trees yearly of 14 years age grown to neutralize CO2 in nature

58 tons annually

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