Sports Committee

Sl. No Name Department Position
01 Dr. Yathisha L ECE Chairman
02 Dr. Muralidhar M P Sports Member Secretary
03 Dr. Sathish K R EEE Member
04 Mr. Ramachandra M N Physics Member
05 Mr. Kiran B CSE Member
06 Smt. Keerthi Kumbar A ECE Member
07 Mr. Rohith S ME Member
08 Mr. Rudresh A N CV Member
09 Smt. Harshitha N ECE Member
10 Smt. Bhanu Priya J Mathematics Member


Roles and responsibilities of Sports Committee:

  • To organize training, coaching and educate in sports for everyone so that they can learn to keep themselves physically fit.
  • Having database of students who are good at various sports.
  • The committee shall serve the interests of the student’s community by organizing competitive sports and recreational activities.
  • To arrange for additional coaching facilities to meet the set goals.
  • To provide necessary infrastructure facilities for the sports activities.
  • Conduct the sports events during the college annual festival.
  • To conduct sports activities for staff.
  • Publicizing student’s achievements in websites and in newspapers.