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Faculty Counseling

Purpose of Counseling

  • To understand students learning an ability in academics.
  • To help the student work out a plan for solving their difficulties.
  • To help the student know their interests, abilities and available opportunities.
  • To encourage special talents and develop the right

Students Counseling

  • Students counseling is an important regular activity in the college which is aimed at encouraging and nurturing students to excel in academics and to help them for their overall development. This activity provides support and guidance for academic
  • Each faculty counselor is allotted 15-20 students and the counselor arranges minimum three counseling sessions in each semester i.e Monthly Counseling Session, Before Exam, After Announcement of Results.

Student Counselling Report from EERP

  • The counselor collects all the details pertaining to the students and keeps a record of attendance of all the courses of the counseling group. Time to time the attendance reports are communicated to the parents (three times per semester) through SMS. The report comprises of theory attendance, practical attendance. Internal Assessment marks are communicated through SMS to Parents after the conduction of each Internal Assessment. Parents can contact the counselor at any time. The counselors will arrange a meeting with parents whenever they find any issues such as the attendance is excessively low or poor performance in the examinations etc. Head of the Departments takes necessary actions for the suggestions/issues raised during the counseling sessions.
  • While interacting with the students during the counseling session, their grievances are collected; suggestions are provided by the counselor regarding their grievances. All these details are uploaded in EERP for that particular student who is being counseled, also maintaining a written document regarding the marks obtained in Final Exams.
  • In EERP, at the time of counseling, the faculty can view the attendance details and IA performance which is fetched in the counseling form and can also provide suggestion or guidance based on their performance.
  • Overall Student progress record of a student is depicted in EERP which can be used to provide suitable suggestions.
  • The allotted students to be continued under the same faculty for counseling until the student’s completion of the program.
  • A counselor of a particular group takes care of the overall development of the students allotted to them from 2nd year to the final
  • Students are encouraged to express their views and suggestions for academic and other infrastructural improvements in the college. Head of the Departments takes necessary actions to implement their valid suggestions.
  • Other concerns that are discussed at the time of counseling are as follows:
  1. ACADEMIC PRESSURES (Lack of Concentration and Motivation for Studies, Underachievement, Backlogs, Exam Stress, Unhealthy Competition)

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