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Alumni Association

An alumni association is an association of graduates or, more broadly, former students of the college. The purpose of an association is to foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of the institution. Alumni associations exist to support the institution’s goals, and to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the institution.

The ATME College of Engineering Alumni Association was started in 2015 with the clear objectives. The ATME College of Engineering Alumni Association  was registered under Karnataka Societal Act-1960 in the year 2021.


  1. To promote the advancement of the College by enlisting the support and participation of all Alumni of the college,
  2. Organise one or Two Alumni Meet – Every Year,
  3. Honouring The Achievers,
  4. To Promote Institution and Industry Interaction,
  5. To bring Alumni together and maintain an avenue by which the Alumni may remain in contact with the College,
  6. To keep updated the activities and achievements of the college through News Letter,
  7. Provide Access to all students information on college website,
  8. To invite Alumni as resource person to share their knowledge and experience with the prospective engineers,
  9. Dedicated Section for Alumni (Voice of Alumni) in the college Magazine,
  10. Offer opportunities for Alumni to network with each other, students and the ATME College community
  11. To induct Alumni as office bearers.
  12. To encourage, foster and promote close relations among the alumni themselves.
  13. To provide and disseminate information regarding the College, its graduates, faculties and students to the Alumni.
  14. To provide a forum for the Alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural and social issues of the day by organizing and coordinating reunion activities of the Alumni and
  15. To let the alumni, acknowledge their gratitude to the College.




Sl. No Name Designation Dept. Phone No.
1. Mr. Shashank S


PRESIDENT ECE 9483313014
2. Mr.  Pavan S


3. Dr. Puttegowda D


SECRETARY CSE 9900622014
4. Mrs. Akshatha A


Jt. SECRETARY CSE 7019363684
5. Ms. Anupama Shetter


TREASURER ECE 9738484396
6. Mr. Hemanth B R


MEMBER ME 7026251531
7. Mr. Shivaraj R


MEMBER CE 8884722072
8. Mr. Karthik K


MEMBER CSE 9738548107
9. Ms. Amrutha R


MEMBER EEE 8123408770



Ms. Lavanya N Assistant Professor CSE
Mrs. Sushma V Assistant Professor CSE
Mrs. Pavithra A C Assistant Professor ECE
Mrs. Harshitha N Assistant Professor ECE
Mrs. Lakshmi K Assistant Professor EEE
Mrs. Jyothi D N Assistant Professor CV
Dr. Suresh Kumar S Associate Professor ME
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