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Placement Training

Our endeavors are developing a professional attitude and ethics, good personality, team building, group activations, mock interview/GD sessions and leadership abilities among students. The technology is varying swiftly, with the result the stipulation of the industry also changes incessantly. We provide an edge by way of lectures/seminars/conferences etc from reputed dignitaries/Industries and achieve our goals. Considering the students potential and company recruitment standards, the department identifies areas of training on domain-specific; formulate sequence of activities to meet the required skill sets and appropriate placement. The following training had conducted by industry trained experts from second year itself continued to third & final year BE course.


Sl No Year Program Title Name of the training company
1 I Business English Skills Training SAPience, Mysore
II Personality Enhancement Training Seventh sense Solution, Bangalore
2 III Aptitude Enhancement Training FACE
3 IV

3 days

3 days crash course on Aptitude skills

8 days Pre-placement Training


Career Prime, Mysore


Training & Placement Advisory Committee
Sl. No. Name Position
1 Dr. L Basavaraj -Principal Chairman
2 Mr. Deepak MVS Member Secretary
3 Dean-Acdemics Member
4 Dean-Student Affair Member
5 Name- Industry Representive (HR) Member
6 Name- Industry Representive (HR) Member
7 Name- Recruitment Agency Representive Member
8 Mr. Shreeshayana -EE Coordinator
9 Mr. Vinod Kumar -EE Coordinator
10 Mr. Mandeep  G -CE Coordinator
11 Mr. Shrivatsa H U -CE Coordinator
12 Mr. Guruprasad K G -EC Coordinator
13 Mrs. Keerthi A kumbar -EC Coordinator
14 Mr. Anilkumar B H -CS Coordinator
15 Mr. Swarnakiran -ME Coordinator
16 Mr. Girishkumar G S -ME Coordinator


Placement Events as on Feb-2021


Details of Placement and Training Head, Officer and Faculty Placement Coordinators

Training and Placement Coordinators Contatct No. Branch
Dr Deepu R


Head 9845490505

Asst. Prof. Kavya P O 7975506198 CSE
Asst. Prof. Kalathma M K 9901209973 CSE
Asst. Prof. Poornashree Narayanni Kulkarni 9480084684 CSE
Asst. Prof Harshitha N 9632706457 ECE
Asst. Prof. Guruprasad K N 9739319567 ECE
Asst. Prof. Maria Sushma S 9902831147 EEE
Mr. Deepak M V S

Asst. Prof.

TPO 7204401042

Asst. Prof. Shreeshayana R 9739002631 EEE
Asst. Prof. Karthik Kumar M 9844870275 ME
Asst. Prof. Pavan Kumar K P 9739369963 ME
Asst. Prof. Srivathsa H U 8867572081 CE
Asst. Prof. Rudresh A N 9743580290 CE


Student |Placement Coordinators (SPCs)

7th Semester

Sl. No Name of SPC USN Department
1. Navaneeth M 4AD18EC037 ECE
2. Vaishnavi G 4AD18EC071
3. Thejaswini K 4AD18EC068
4. Manu R K 4AD18EC032
5. Christo Abraham 4AD18CS016 CSE
6. Bhoomika  B R 4AD18CS011
7. Surabhi S R 4AD18CS064
8. Suman K M 4AD18CS077
9. Peter A X 4AD18ME038 ME
10. Jeevan M 4AD18ME015
11. Narashima S 4AD19ME440
12. Chethan S 4AD19ME415
13. Md Suhail 4AD18EE019 EEE
14. Bharath S 4AD19EE403
15. Kaveri K 4AD18EE012
16. Amrutha M 4AD18CV003 CV
17. Shashank S N 4AD18CV040


Student |Placement Coordinators (SPCs)

5th Semester

Sl. No Name of SPC USN Department
1. Pratheek P S 4AD19EC057 ECE
2. Chaitra B 4AD19EC015
3. Priyanka Bai G G 4AD19EC059
4. Nitish B D Guptha 4AD19EC047
5. Sneha M 4AD19CS086 CSE
6. Younus Khan 4AD19CS105
7. Nagendra R 4AD19CS048
8. Chandana M 4AD19CS015
9. Chandrakanth J 4AD19ME006 ME
10. Harsha R 4AD20ME411
11. Prajwal M Y 4AD19ME023
12. Sudeep R 4AD20ME432
13. Sahana K M 4AD19EE006 EEE
14. Manoj Kumar S 4AD20EE411
15. Divisha K R 4AD19CV013 CV
16. Abhishek K 4AD19CV001


Roles and Responsibilities of Faculty Placement Coordinators

  • Training, assessments and coordinating with TPO for all related activities
  • Building connects with industries, institutes and vendors.
  • Promote all placements to various prospective employers/ students through phone, email and fax.
  • Organizing drives by bringing minimum of two companies at the department level
  • Conduct orientation programs/ seminars/ webinars
  • Documentation and updating resumes, Database etc
  • Updating and maintaining accreditation related documents
  • Guide and document recruitment/ training processes and prepare placement/training reports.
  • Update required placement requirements
  • Alumni networking