ATME College of Engineering, has been recognized as Remote center of IIT Bombay

Adding yet another feather in its step, The ATME College of Engineering, Mysuru, has been recognized as Remote Center of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) on 23rd  May 2019 ( Remote Center Code: 1563).

As IIT-B’s Remote Center, ATME will host the faculty members to attend live online courses/workshops delivered by IIT Bombay’s members. The participating faculty members would be attending lectures, tutorials, lab sessions and live interactions with the IIT-B faculty through distance mode using internet and advanced A-VIEW technology.

The Teaching Learning  Centre (ICT) is organising workshops at IIT Bombay, a scheme of ‘Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching’ (PMMMNMTT), an initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.


Under the programme, IIT Bombay conducts ISTE workshops during the vacation period in summer and winter. Teachers attend the workshops at a designated Remote Center (RC), close to their own college. Lectures are delivered by faculty from IIT Bombay, while tutorials and lab sessions are conducted locally in the same RC. The lecture transmission and live interaction take place in a virtual classroom environment, using the AVIEW technology on the internet.

Faculty coordinators are appointed at each remote centre, to handle the technology infrastructure and other operational logistics. Additionally, for each workshop, there is a workshop faculty coordinator for that subject who will help in the conduct of labs and tutorials at that center. We invite expert faculty from various remote centers to a five-day Coordinators training workshop which is held in IIT Bombay, at least two months before the main workshop. These Coordinators then act as Workshop Coordinators during the main workshop, liaising between the participants at their Remote Centers and IIT Bombay from where the workshop is transmitted live. During the main workshop, the Workshop Coordinator at every center supervises the conduct of tutorials and Labs. All the lectures and tutorial sessions are recorded. The final edited audio-visual contents, along with other course material are released under Open Source. These contents can be freely used later by all teachers and students.

Programs Organized by the Remote Centre of
ATME College of Engineering


S.No. Name of the Event Conducted by Dates Participants
1 Python Workshop – Coordinators IIT-Bombay 25 May -25 May2019             1
2 Python Workshop – Teachers IIT-Bombay 22 June- 22 June 2019 14
3 eSim Workshop – Coordinators IIT-Bombay 27 July -27 July 2019 1
4 Linux Workshop- Teachers IIT-Bombay 23 Aug -23Aug 2019 17
5 eSim Workshop – Teachers IIT-Bombay 21 Sep – 21 Sep 2019 11
6 R- Workshop – Coordinators IIT-Bombay 12 Oct – 12 Oct 2019 1
7 Rerun of R- Workshop – Teachers IIT-Bombay 17 Dec -17  Dec 2019 4
8 LaTex for Students , Engineers and Scientists IIT-Bombay 24 Sep – 11 Nov 2019 13
9 Rendezvous with Lori Beer, CIO

of a leading financial Institution in USA

IIT-Bombay 5 Nov 2019 150

There are 9 faculty members secured A+ grade in LaTex course

List of the faculties are secured ‘A’ Grade
Sl No Name of the Faculty Department
1 Anupama Shetter ECE
2 Sathish K R EEE
3 Swapna H EEE
4 Dr. Yathisha L ECE
5 Pavithra A C ECE
6 Manjunath K ECE
7 Manu Vijay CV
8 Keerthi A Kumbar ECE
9 Vinod Kumar P EEE

Dr. Prakash Kuravatti
Associate Professor, Dept. of ECE,

Remote Centre Coordinator, IIT Bombay.

ATME College of Engineering,
13th Kilometer Mysore-Kanakpura- Bangalore Road
Mysore – 500028.



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