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Dr. Mahesh Lohith K S

Education Details

  • B.Sc., (Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science), University of Mysore.
  • M.Sc., (Physics), Specialization Nuclear Physics, University of Mysore.
  • Ph.D., (Applied Science – Physics) , Tribology, Interdisciplinary, VTU.
  • M.Tech., (Information Technology), K S O U.
  • Honors Diploma in Space Sciences. St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore.

Contact Details

Email ID dr.maheshlohithks_phy@atme.edu.in
LinkedIn ID https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-mahesh-lohith-k-s-71059aa2/
Google Scholor  ID https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=PW1Jh8kAAAAJ
Orcid ID http://www.orcid.org/0000-0003-3457-040X
Vidwaan ID https://vidwan.inflibnet.ac.in/profile/201965
Scopus ID http://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.url?authorId=25422579000

Professional Experience: 24 + Years

  • Associate Professor from 8/8/2016 till Date @ATME College of Engineering.
  • Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Selection Grade Lecturer, Assistant Professor from 15/07/1998 to 8/8/2016

Publication Details

Journal Publications

  • K. S. Mahesh Lohith, A Brief Discussion on the Influencing Factors and Conditions on Tribometry using a Pin-On-Disc Tribometer”, Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series D, 103 (1), 355–362.
  • K. S. Mahesh Lohith, V. B. Sondur, V. V. Sondur: The Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on the Hardness, Friction and Wear Resistance of Austenitic Ductile Iron Type D3 Tool Steel. International Journal of Modern Engineering Research ( IJMER), 07/2014; 4:24-29.
  • K. S. Mahesh Lohith, V. B. Sondur, V. V. Sondur: Influence of cryogenic treatment on the friction co- efficient of nylon 6 and caprolactam – graphite composite. IPSAJ International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, ISSN 2321-6441. 01/2014; 1(6):10-15.
  • K. Gopala Krishna, C. Divakar, K. Venkatesh, C. B. Mohan, K. S. Mahesh Lohith, Bulk temperature estimation during wear of a polymer composite pin. Wear. 01/2010; 268(1):346-351.
  • K. Gopala Krishna, C. Divakar, K. Venkatesh, C. B. Mohan, K. S. Mahesh Lohith, Tribological studies of polymer based ceramic–metal composites processed at ambient temperature. Wear. 01/2009; 266(7):878-883.
  • C. B. Mohan, C. Divakar, K. Venkatesh, K. Gopalakrishna, K. S. Mahesh Lohith, T. N. Naveen: Design and development of an advanced linear reciprocating tribometer. Wear. 01/2009; 267(5):1111-1116.
  • C. B. Mohan, K. Gopalakrishna, K. S. Mahesh Lohith, Krishna Venkatesh, C. Divakar, R. B. Mithun, T. N. Naveen: Coolant lubricity and coolant-lube compatibility with regard to slideway behavior. Journal of The Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering – J Braz Soc Mech Sci Eng, 01/2008; Volume 30(Issue 4).

Conference Publications

  • Raghavendra R, Dr. Mahesh Lohith K S, Dr. Avinash K, An account of the influence of TMDCs for anodic material of Li / Na ion Battery Capacity, Grenze, ICRTST 22, ATME College of Emgineering, 13th to 14th July 2022,
  • Supriya R, Dr. Avinash, Dr. Mahesh Lohith K S, ,Optometeri Assay based on Horseradish peroxidase-Catalysed hydroge peroxide using aino antipyrine and resorcinol as Chroogenic reagents for sensitive detection of peroxidase in plant extracts, Grenze, ICRTST 22, ATME College of Emgineering, 13th to 14th July 2022,
  • Low friction stability and low wear of some self-lubricating engineered polymer composites under heavy loading conditions, National Conference on Recent Trends in Geoscience, Material Science & Civil Engineering. ATME College of Engineering, Mysuru, RTGMCE-2017, Sep 2017, EXCEL India Publications New Delhi, ISBN-ISSN:978-93-86256-67-6.
  • “Some Studies on coolant deterioration”, C. Diwakar, K. Venkatesh, K. Gopala Krishna, C. B. Mohan, K. S. Mahesh Lohith, R. B. Mithun, T. N. Naveen, International Conference on Industrial Tribology, 2006, Tribology society of India, IISC, Bangalore.

Seminar Publications

  • “Applications of Nano-Technology in education through simple experiments”, K. Venkatesh, R. Geeta Balakrishna, K. S. Mahesh Lohith, All India seminar on Vistas of Nano-Technology, Institute of Engineers,2005, Bangalore.

Symposium Publications

  • Sonofusion – a review, Symposium on recent development in “Science, Engineering and Technology, ATME College of Engineering, Mysuru, October 2017.


  • Scientific Foundations of Health, Infinite , Dr. Mahesh Lohith K S & Dr. Thimmesha L, 2022 Edition, , Infinite Learning Publications.
  • Lecture notes on Engineering Physics, J Balasubramanyam, K S Mahesh Lohith and Sujith Thomas, 2013 Edition, e-Book Open Access, Research Gate.

Roles and Responsibility

  • Head of the Department
  • Head of the Research Center (Physics)
  • Coordinator NBA , IR files and Criteria 10, Basic Sciences and Humanities
  • Executive Member, NDLI-Club of ATMECE
  • Member of various college level committees
  • Examinations
  • Induction Program
  • Mentor and Counselor

Professional body membership

  • Indian Society for Technical Education ( I S T E), Life Member.
  • Tribology Society of India ( T S I), Life Member.


University Level

  • Member, BOS, (Composite Board-Physics), 2022-25, Visvesvaraya Technological University. Belagavi
  • Member, BOS (Physics), Vidya Vardhaka College of Engineering, Mysuru.
  • BOE (PHYSICS), 2020-21 Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi
  • Subject Expert , Engineering Physics, “VTU e-Shikshana Program, 2020
  • Resource Person, “Short Term Course in Nano-sciences and Engineering”, Organized by VTU. 2006
  • Resource Person, Faculty Orientation Program, 2022 New Scheme, REC Hulkoti, Belgaum and Gulbarga Region. 2022
  • Resource Person, Faculty Orientation Program, 2022 New Scheme, VVCE, Mysore, Mysore Region.2022.
  • Resource Person, Faculty Orientation Program, 2022 New Scheme, BMSCE Bangalore, Bangalore Region. 2022.
  • Resource Person, Faculty Development Program, “Introduction to Python Programming and Applications” – Module 3 and 4, BPLCK105B., VTU, Belagavi, Online Mode, 2023

Invited Talks

  • Resource Person, FDP, “ Physics of Animation and Physical Interactive Simulator” , Shrinivasa I T, Mangalore, 2023
  • Resource Person, FDP, “ Physics of Animation and Interactive Physical Simulator , BIT, Bangalore, Online, 2023.
  • Resource Person, SDP, “Physics of Animation and Physical Intereactive Simulator”, JNNCE, Shimoga, 2023.
  • Resource Person, SDP, “ Physics of Animation”, DSCE, Bangalore, 2023
  • Resource Person, SDP,  “ Physics of Animation”, VVCE, Mysore,2023

College Level

  • A Talk on “Preparing Presentations using Latex Beamer”
  • A Talk on “How to write a research paper”

Other achievements

  • IBM Rational trainer, Center for Emerging Technologies, SBMJCE, Bangalore.
  • Team Member,Micro-satellite Project, Center for Emerging Technologies, SBMJCE, Bangalore
  • Trained on Ultra Precise Molding Techniques, Indo-German Institute of Technology, Bangalore
  • Expertise in the evaluation and characterization of tribological properties of materials (Reciprocating and POD tribometers)
  • Information technology resource facilities – Planning,Setup and Management.
  • “KAAVYA” Qualified In Sanskrit
  • Retired as Junior Under Officer (JUO) with a total servicAdvanced Techniques for Materials Characterizatione of 7 years in NCC.

FDP/Conferences/Workshops attended/Conducted

  • Workshop on Teaching Methodology, 2002, Sapthagiri College of Engineering Bangalore.
  • Workshop on Nano-techology, 2005, BTL Institute of Technology, Bangalore.
  • One day national seminar on nano-materials, 2006, R. V. College of Engineering, Bangalore.
  • “All India seminar on vistas of nano applications”, Institute of Engineers,2006, Bangalore.
  • International Conference on Industrial Tribology, Indian Institute of Science, 30th Nov 2006 to 2nd Dec 2006, Bangalore.
  • Symposium on Nano-technology and Smart materials, 2007, PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore.
  • One Day Faculty Development Program on “Recent Trends in Science and Mathematics – RTSM-2017.” GSSIETW, Mysuru.
  • National conference on “Recent Trends in Geo-science, Material Science and Civil Engineering, RTGMCE-2017, 22nd and 23rd March 2017, ATMECE, Mysuru.
  • State level symposium on Recent Developments in Science, Engineering and Technology, 10th OCT 2017, ATMECE, MYRUSU
  • Faculty development program on Python application Programming, 17th TO 21st JAN 2018,
  • TEQIP 1.3 – Workshop on “New model curriculum for first year BE/BTech – CBCS detailed syllabus (2018-19) as per outcome based education (OBE) format including course outcomes and Bloom’s Taxanomy”, Conducted by VTU at Sahyadri College of Engineering, Mangaluru. 19th May 2018.
  • Six days workshop on – “Art of Counseling”, 2nd to 9th July 2019, ATME College of Engineering , Mysuru, in association with Samadhana Counseling Center Bangalore, Mysuru.
  • TEQIP 1.3 – Five day FDP on “Outcome Based Education and NBA Accreditation”, 7th to 11th Jan 2020, GSSSIETW, Mysuru.
  • Online workshop on Advanced Techniques for materials characterization (ATMC – 2020), 6th to 10th July 2020, Malavia National Institute Technology, Jaipur.
  • Two day online workshop on Advanced Functional Materials (WAFM), 25th and 26th July 2020, Punjab Engineering College, Deemed to be University, Chandigarah.
  • Eight days FDP on “Mentoring Pedagogy and Teaching in Higher Education”, 3rd to 10th Aug 2020, E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati, in association with Bapatla Engineerng College, Bapatla.
  • TEQIP-3 sponsored webinar on “Characterization of Nanomaterials”, 26th June 2020, The National Institute of Engineering, Autonomous, Mysuru.
  • Webinar on “Teaching Pedagogy”, 17th July 2020, Department of E & C, ATMECE, Mysore.
  • Webinar on “Fundamentals of Electromagnetism, 6th July 2020, Vidya Vardhaka College of Engineering, Mysuru.
  • Webinar on “Quantum Computing Fundamentals and Practical Implementation”, 18th July 2020, GSSSIETW, Mysuru.
  • Webinar on “Sustainability Through Startup India and Related Schemes”, 5th Aug 2020, Govt. of India, Field Outreach Bureau, Mysruru.
  • Webinar on “Aatma Nirbhar Bharath – Swatantra Bharathada Shreshta Nirmanakke Nirbhara Bharatha Tatvada Koduge”, 12th August 2020, Govt. of India. Field Outreach Bureau, Mysuru.
  • International Webinar on “Raman Spectroscopy”, Lecture Series 2020, 1st June 2020, Department of Physics and IQAC, T. K. Madhavan Memorial College, Gangiarkulagara, Kerala, India.
  • Three days faculty development program on “Importance of NAAC accreditation in higher education institutions”, 9th to 11th Nov 2020, ATME College of Engineering, Mysuru.
  • Five day online learning program on “Thermoelectric Materials”, 15th to 19th November 2021, Self Support Scheme, Centre for continuing Education, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • Webinar on Implementation of Student Learning Assessment-PARAKH, 05th April 2022, AICTE
  • International Webinar Series, “ Semiconductor Hetero-structure Based Detectors for Optical Communication”, Center For Research and Innovations and Faculty of Natural Sciences, 26th August 2022, Adichunchanagiri University.
  • Workshop on Hybrid Learning by AICTE, 12th and 13th August 2022, Avante-Garde,
  • participation in 5 days online Faculty Development Program on ‘Advances in
    Characterization Techniques’ organised by the Department of Physics and Department of Chemistry, Presidency University, from 10th to the 14th of October, 2022. Presidency University


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  • H index: 3
  • I Index: 2

Ph D Guidance

  • Guiding one research scholar in the field of Energy Devices

Research Area of Interest

  • Tribology, Cryo-Tribology, Materials, Energy Devices

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