List of Committees for the Academic Year 2019-20

(The following committees are approved in the 18th GC Meeting held on 08-12-2019)

Sl. No. Name Position Contact Details
1 Dr. Bhagyashree S R Chairperson 9900110944
2 Dr Mohamed Eliyas Faculty Member 8105598832
3 Dr. Prakash Kuravatti Faculty Member 9110872296
4 Mr.Ravikumar S Faculty Member 9880543740
5 Mr.Raghavendra L Faculty Member 7829859477
6 Mrs.Nasreen Fathima Faculty Member 9986617206
7 Mrs.Jyothi D N Faculty Member 9738806913
8 Mrs.Priyanka N B Faculty Member 9663674218
9 Mr.Chandrashekar C Member Secretary 9845115924
10 Mrs.Hemalatha NGO-Representative 9448056478
11 Ms.Amrutha Kashyap Non-faculty Member 9945657709
12 Ms.Shwetha  Non-Faculty Member 7411315775
13 Dharshini Student member CS 7996270052
14 Harshitha V Student member ME 9443954576
15 Maheshkumar U Student member EC 7676496694
16 Yogaswarhi Student member CV 9880425878
17 Dhanyatha M Student member EEE 9743794306




  1. The Committee shall have the power to summon witnesses and call for documents or any information from any employee/student.
  2. If the Committee has reason to believe that an employee/student is capable of furnishing relevant documents or information, it may direct such person to produce such documents by serving a notice in writing to that person.
  3. Where any relevant document or information is recorded or stored by means of a mechanical, electronic or other device, the Committee shall have the power to direct that the same be produced, or that a clear reproduction in writing of the same be produced.
  4. Upon production of documents / information called for by it, the Committee shall have the power to (i) make copies of such documents / information or extracts there from; or (ii) retain such documents / information for such period as may be deemed necessary for purposes of the proceedings before it.
  5. The Committee shall have the power to issue interim directions to / with regard to any person participating in the proceedings before it.
  6. The Committee shall have the power to recommend the action to be taken  against any person found guilty of
  • sexually harassing the complainant
  • retaliating against / victimizing the complainant or any other person before it
  •  making false charges of sexual harassment against the accused person.



  1. To ensure that the mechanism for registering complaints is safe, accessible and sensitive.
  2. To conduct enquiries, provide assistance and redressal to the victims, recommend penalties and take action against the harasser, if necessary.
  3. To advise the competent authority to issue warnings or to take the help of the law to stop the harasser, if the complainant consents.
  4. To seek medical, police and legal intervention with the consent of the complainant.
  5. To make arrangements for appropriate psychological, emotional and physical support (in form of counseling, security and other assistance) to the victim if so desires.



  1. The Committee shall meet once in a semester or when any complaint is received by any member of the committee.
  2. The Committee may direct the complainant to prepare and submit a detailed statement of incidents within two days.
  3. The Committee shall direct the accused employee(s)/student(s) to prepare and submit a written response to the complaint / allegations within a period of two (2) days from such direction or such other time period as the Committee may decide.  Documents produced by either party shall be affixed with that party’s signature to certify the document as original / true copy.
  4. The Committee shall conduct the proceedings in accordance with the principles of natural justice. I shall allow both parties reasonable opportunity of presenting their case.
  5. The party against whom the document / witness is produced shall be entitled to challenge / cross-examine the same.
  6. Minutes of all proceedings of the Committee shall be prepared and duly signed by the members of the Committee.
  7. The Committee shall make all efforts to complete its proceedings within a period of fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt of complaint.
  8. The Committee shall record its findings in writing supported with reasons and shall forward the same with its recommendations, to the Principal within a period of three (3) days from completion of the proceedings before it.If, in the course of the proceedings before it, the Committee is satisfied that a prima facie case of sexual harassment is made out against the accused employee(s)/student and that there is any chance of the recurrence of any such action, or that it is required to do so in the interests of justice, it may, on the request of the complainant or otherwise,


Disciplinary action could be initiated  in the form of:-

  1. Warning
  2. Written apology
  3. Bond of good behavior
  4. Adverse remarks in the confidential report
  5. Debarring from supervisory duties
  6. Denial of membership of statutory bodies
  7. Denial of re-employment/re – admission
  8. Stopping of increments / promotion/denyingadmission ticket
  9. Reverting, demotion
  10. Suspension
  11. Dismissal
  12. Any other relevant mechanism


If, at the end of the proceedings, the Committee is satisfied that the complainant has knowingly brought false charges of sexual harassment against any person, it shall report the same in writing to the Principal with reasons and with recommendations of the action to be taken against such person.


The Chairperson of the Committee will prepare an Annual Report at the end of each academic year, giving a full account of the activities of the Committee during the year gone by. A copy of the report shall be sent to the Principal.

Anti-Ragging Committee
 Sl. No.  Name  Position  Contact No 
1 Dr. L Basavaraj Convenor  9448790271
2 Dr. Rathnakar G – Students Affair  Co – convener  98440 18701
3 Police Inspector – Varuna Police Station  Rep. of Police Administration  9611414060
4 Mrs.Hemalatha Rep. of NGO –  9448056478
5 Dr. Puttegowda D  HOD – CSE Department 9845726747
6 Mr. Manuvijay HOD – CE Department 9738601201
7 Dr. Mahesh P k HOD – ECE Department 8884968896
8 Dr. Parthasarathy L HOD – EEE Department 9035064022
9 Dr. Rathnakar G HOD – ME Department 9844018701
10 Dr. Mahesh Lohith K S HOD – BS Department 9845206504
11 Dr. Mohammed Eliyas 8105598832
12 Mrs. Prathibha M K faculty member  9449610089
13 Mr. Chandrashekar  C faculty member  9845115924
14 Mr. Shivkumar M faculty member  9880003058
15 Mr. Muralidhar M P faculty member  9611551921
16 Dr. Srinivasa k Hostel Warden 9945045415
17 Mrs. Sujatha M Non-Teaching – faculty member  9008710988
18 Mr. Ravi K K Non-Teaching – faculty member  9741519203
19 Mr. Manjunath H R Non-Teaching – faculty member 9845984554
20 Mr. Shivakumar Non-Teaching – faculty member 9845838820
21 Shreedhara T S  (3rd EC, Sinchana’s father)Teacher  9743938119
22 Jyothishree  House wife (Mech Harshitha’s Mather) 7760683447
23 Manjuprasad R. Parents’ Representative  9008631723


Ragging of juniors by senior students is a very sensitive and serious issue to be curbed with an iron hand. It should be nipped in the bud as per the directions of Central and State Governments, Supreme Court, UGC, AICTE and JNTUK etc. All Possible steps are to be initiated, including the help of the local Police to tackle this menace On/Off Campus.
The committee constituted is to take measures for creating awareness among the senior students about the consequences and penal punishments to be imposed on such students indulging in any kind of ragging, by way of Posters, Police lectures and by taking an undertaking from all seniors, etc.

It has to oversee the appointment of the faculty vigilance teams for regular visits to vulnerable places, conduct its meeting periodically to get updated of the campus situation, imbibe confidence in the juniors and take appropriate disciplinary action against intransigent senior students.

Role &Responsibility of Anti Ragging Committee:

To eradicate the menace of ragging by creating awareness among all the Students, Staff and display posters explaining consequences penal punishments to conduct campaign against the Ragging

To invite local Police for conducting awareness lectures on Ragging and its consequences

To constitute Anti-Ragging squad

To instill confidence among all the stakeholders


Roles & Responsibilities:

To oversee and monitor the overall discipline of students in the college, and review it periodically.

Recommend appropriate actions related to indiscipline of the students as and when required.

Taking all precautionary measures to prevent ragging

Creating awareness among senior students and new entrants

Immediate action against reported incidents/ complaints

Surprise visits to hostels

Nominate monitoring staff in the busses



On receipt of the recommendation of the Anti Ragging Squad or on receipt of any information concerning any reported incident of ragging, the Head of Institution shall immediately determine if a case under the penal laws is made and if so, either on his own or through a member of the Anti Ragging Committee authorized by him in this behalf, proceed to file a First Information Report (FIR), within twenty four hours of receipt of such information or recommendation, with the police.



The institution shall punish a student found guilty of ragging after following the procedure and in the manner prescribed herein under:-

A) The Anti-Ragging Committee of the institution shall take an appropriate decision, in regard to punishment or otherwise, depending on the facts of each incident of ragging  and nature and gravity of the incident of ragging established in the recommendations of the Anti-Ragging Squad.

B) The Anti-Ragging Committee may, depending on the nature and gravity of the guilt established by the Anti-Ragging Squad, award, to those found guilty, one or more of the following punishments, namely;

  1. Suspension from attending classes and academic privileges.
  2. Withholding/withdrawing scholarship/fellowship and other benefits.
  3. Debarring from appearing in any test/examination or other evaluation process.
  4. Withholding results.             
  5. Debarring from representing the institution in any regional, national or international meet, tournament, youth festival etc.
  6. Suspension/expulsion from the hostel.
  7. Cancellation of admission
  8. Rustication from the institution for period ranging from one to four semesters.
  9. Expulsion from the institution and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution for a specified period.
  10. Fine up to 25000/-
Sl. No. Name Position Contact Details
1 Mr. Ramachandra M N Squad Leader 9741790542
2 Dr. Avinash K Member 9148623123
3 Dr. Suresh K J Member 9845566754
4 Mr. Vonodh P Member 9538006039
5 Mr. Devaraj Member 9972322811
6 Mr. Anilkumar C J Member 9900477621
7 Mrs. Harshitha N Member 8105710316
8 Mr. Ravi K K Non-faculty 9741519203
9 Mr. Somasundar Non-faculty 9739929289




Squads In charge will be Responsible for the following in their areas:

  1. Ensure  display of anti ragging instructions sign boards at the  prominent places in the
  2. They will form duty chart & carryout regular checks for any Ragging activity in the 
  3. Squad In charge will maintain the proper duty attendance register in respect of the members of the squad and their duties.
  4. They will carry out surprise checks in probable areas of ragging.
  5. In case of any incidence noticed they have to inform their chairman for further action.
  6. squad in charge will brief all members of his squad about their duties / action regarding  anti ragging.
  7. All squad members  should  forward a feedback report to their chairman daily between 11.00 AM & 4.00PM
  8. The squad in charge will collect the updated list of student including their latest address and phone no’s in respect of the classes run in their blocks of their areas.
  9. The chairman has to conduct regular meeting with their members, submit the report to the Principal annually.
Sl. No. Name Position Contact Details
1 Dr. Rathnakar G Dean 98440 18701
2 Mr. Anoop M Member Secretary 9845900756
3 Dr. Parthasarathy L-HOD – EEE Department Faculty Member 9035064022
4 Dr. Mahesh P k-HOD – ECE Department Faculty Member 8884968896
5 Dr. Rathnakar G-HOD – ME Department Faculty Member 9844018701
6 Dr. Puttegowda D -HOD – CSE Department Faculty Member 9845726747
7 Mr. Manuvijay- HOD – CE Department Faculty Member 9738601201
8 Dr. Mohammed Eliyas-HOD – BS Department Faculty Member 8105598832
9 Dr. Mahesh Lohith K S-HOD – BS Department Faculty Member 9845206504
Mr. Sudhakar M Faculty Member 9480573571
Mr. Shivkumar M Faculty Member 9880003058
Mr. Muralidhar M P Faculty Member 9611551921
Mr. Deepak M.V.S Faculty Member 7204401042
10 Yashwanth Kumar A B 7th Semester E & C 9206766629
11 Akshatha D 7th Semester CSE 7026719007



The following staff members are being appointed for the Grievances & redressal Committee in the college,

The designated members are advised to follow the norms of the committee The Committee should conduct review meeting in every semester and submit the report after every meeting to the Principal without fail.


  1. To provide an avenue for the aggrieved students to redress their individual grievances in order to have a healthy atmosphere among students, staff and management in the Institute.
  2. To comply with the AICTE Regulations to provide for establishment of Grievance Redressal Committee Redressal Committee


Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. The Committee Chairman and members meet once a month to discuss and resolve the grievances, if any received in writing from the concerned students.
  2. Committee Chairman should maintain the minutes of the meetings and submit the copy of the same to the Principal.
  3. Convey the decision of the committee to the aggrieved students in writing by the Committee Chairman of the Committee in Concurrence with the Principal.
Sl. No. Name Position Contact Details
1 Dr.Basavaraj
Chairperson 9448790271
2 Mr. Sureshkumar S
Associate Professor, Dept. of ME
Convener 9739582217
SC/ST Liaison Officer
3 Mrs. Pavithra A C
Assistant Professor, Dept. of ECE
Faculty Member 8884699040
4 Mr. Sudhakar N
Assistant Professor, Maths
Faculty Member 9480573571
5 Mr. Swarnakiran
Assistant Professor, Dept. of ME 
Faculty Member 8951787291
7 Mr. Kushal
Instructor, Dept of EEE
Non-faculty 9738461046
8 Mr. Somasundar
Non Teaching Staff
Non-faculty 9739929289
Sl. No. Name Position Contact Details
1 Dr. Rathnakar G Dean 98440 18701
2 Mr.Harsha D N- Dept of Mech NSS Officer 9945051194
3 Mrs. Harshitha N- Dept of ECE Member Secretary 9632706457
4 Mrs. Sneha N P – Dept of CSE Member 9538751493
5 Mrs. Raghavendra L- Dept of EEE Member 7829859477
6 Dr. Suresh K J – Dept of CE Member 9845566754
7 Mr.Niranjan Kumar V S – Dept of ME Member 9945614138
8 Mrs.Divya  K – Dept of BS Member 9481830845


Roles and Responsibilities:


  1. Organize social service work groups and clubs as well as outdoor service activities, to encourage and involve students in social service activities.
  2. Arrange discussions and workshops of group of students on a regular basis on issues of social importance, ethical relevance and moral values.
  3. Educate and Organize Health check up camps, Blood donation camp and other social activities for the college students at the campus, also at rural / urban areas.
  4. The Chairman / coordinator should conduct meeting with committee members and prepare list of social activities along budget to be conducted and execution.
  5. The Committee Chairman should maintain records of all the activities and submit to the Principal with a copy to the concerned statutory departments.


Sl. No. Name Committee Representation Contact Detail
1 Dr. Rathnakar G. Chairman 9448285641
2 Mr. Abhilash G. Member Secretary 9986721213
3 Mr. Anoop M. Administrative Officer 9845900756
4 Mr. Nagesh J. Member – Administration 98869 75772
5 Mr. Kiran Kumar P. Member – BS 97394 60662
6 Ms. Keerthana M. M. Member – CSE 90089 23086
7 Puneeth  K. Member – CVE 87625 06972
8 Darshini M B Members – ECE 97319 50373
9 Keerthi  Kumbar A. Members – ECE 95385 50857
10 Sathish K. R. Member – EEE 96119 82696
11 Ramanuja C. M. Member – ME 72044 02044


Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. Regularly update the latest information/data on the website under various heads pertaining to our College activities.
  2. Collect information about the latest events in all the department / Branch achievements etc and get them posted on the website by way of write ups and pictures etc.
  3. Update all communications, notices, announcements etc on a regular basis.
  4. Maintain all the records pertaining to the information provided by various departments
  5. The Committee Chairman has to conduct regular meeting with committee members and Prepare a report           
  6. Any information / updating on our college website should be hosted with the prior approval of the Principal.
Sl. No. Name Position Contact Details
1 Dr. Rathnakar G Dean 98440 18701
2 Mr.Chetan S -Dept of ME Member Secretary 9844928905
3 Mrs.Prathiba M K – Dept of EC Member 9449610089
4 Mrs.Archana – Dept of CSE Member 7337668490
5 Mr.Praveen Kumar – Dept of EE Member 9731251884
6 Mr.Rudresh – Dept of CE Member 9743580290
7 Mr.Kiran Kumar P  – Dept of BS Member 9739460662
8 Mr. Anoop M -Administrative Officer Member 9845900756


Role and Responsibilities

  1. Ensure to Implement the canteen policy and initiate annual review of this policy.                          
  2. Plan, organize, control and evaluate the needs of the canteen.                              
  3. Ensure hygienic / healthy and safe work environment.                                
  4. Ensure to maintain quality / quantity of food supplied                                  
  5. Ensure the legal requirements of the canteen are maintained.                                
  6. Make decisions on the items to be sold in the canteen and approve the sale prices of items.       
  7. Produce a canteen menu and price list                                 
  8. Develop new ideas and activities to link the classroom with nutrition education.
  9. Maintain records and submit a report quarterly to the Principal.
  10. The Committee Chairman / Member secretary  has to conduct regular meeting with committee members and submit a report to the principal
Sl. No. Name Position Contact Details
1 Dr. Rathnakar G Dean 98440 18701
2 Mr.Muralidhar M P- DPE Member Secretary 9611551921
3 Mrs. Keerthana M M – Dept of CSE Member 9008923086
4 Mrs. Harshitha N – Dept of ECE Member 9632706457
5 Mr. Rudresh – Dept of CE Member 9743580290
6 Mr.Pavan Kumar K P – Dept of ME Member 9739369960
7 Mrs.Swapna H  – Dept of EE Member 9591562578


Roles & responsibilities of the Sports Committee:

  1. Maintain stock register of previous and current years’ sports goods.
  2. Maintain records for purchasing of sports materials along with various quotations procured and comparative statements.
  3. Organize venues for sports events priorly.
  4. Prepare plans for various sports.
  5. Obtain permission to organize sports events.
  6. Prepare plans to conduct intra-oriented- college sports events.
  7. Obtain prior sanction for collecting Entry/Registration Fees to participate in various sports events.
  8. Maintain attendance of students who participated in various sports events.
  9. Sorting out any sports related issues (team selections, objections, quarrels etc) with intimation to the Principal
  10. Maintain records of sports events participated both outdoor or in the University and submit the report to the Principal half yearly.
  11. Prepare the schedule of events/planner for the academic year in consultation with the Student’s.
  12. Submit a report on achievement / Prize winners list and the participating students in all sports events during the end of the semester to the Principal
Sl. No. Name Position Contact Details
1 Dr. L Basavaraj -Principal Chairman 9448285641
2 Mr. Deepak MVS Member Secretary 7204401042
3 Dr M S Govindegowda Dean 99729 40201
4 Dr. Rathnakar G Dean 98440 18701
5 Name- Industry Representive (HR) Member
6 Name- Industry Representive (HR) Member
7 Name- Recruitment Agency Representive Member
8 Mr. Shreeshayana -EE Coordinator 9739002631
9 Mr. Vinod Kumar -EE Coordinator 9538006039
10 Mr. Mandeep  G -CE Coordinator 9916212530
11 Mr. Shrivatsa H U -CE Coordinator 8867572081
12 Mr. Guruprasad K G -EC Coordinator 9739319567
13 Mrs. Keerthi A kumbar -EC Coordinator 9538550857
14 Mr. Anilkumar B H -CS Coordinator 9916732611
15 Mr. Swarnakiran -ME Coordinator 8951787291
16 Mr. Girishkumar G S -ME Coordinator 8722567141


Role and Responsibilities

  1. Preparation of an attractive and comprehensive Placement Brochure in consultation with department coordinators.
  2. Organizing Pre–Placement Seminars by resource persons from various Companies / Industries/Institutions.
  3. Information about Pre–Placement Job Announcement form (declaration) filled by the representatives of each visiting company.
  4. Maintain and update Database of Students regularly.
  5. Maintain Database of Companies and establish the strategic links for campus recruitments. And Gathering information about Job fairs and all relevant recruitment advertisements regularly.
  6. Coordinate with companies about their recruitment procedures.
  7. Identify the needs and expectations of the companies, to assist them in recruiting the most suitable candidates.
  8. Organize pre-placement training for students (Soft Skills, Dress Codes, and Mock Interviews).
  9. Arrange periodic meetings with Human Resources Departments and TPO’s of various companies to promote our Institute.
  10. Collecting feedback from employers where our students are placed.
  11. Any other duties the Principal may assign.
  12. Submit the Training & placement report to the Principal regularly.  


Dr.Manjunath S S, Professor & HOD Dept of  CSE


Dr. Avinash K, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry

Mr. Karthik, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ME

Mrs. Archana M R, Assistant Professor, Dept. of  CSE

Mr. ChandraShekar P, Assistant Professor, Dept. of  ECE

Mr. Sanjay, Assistant Professor, Dept. of  EEE

Mrs. Bharathi B, Assistant Professor, Dept. of  CV

Mr. Nandan, P, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics

Member Secretary

Mr. Anilkumar C J, Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE

Sl. No. Name Position Contact Details
1 Dr. L Basavaraj -Principal Chairman 9448285641
2 Mr.Kiran B -Dept of CSE Member Secretary 8095620284
3 Dr.Eliyas- Dept of BS Member 8105598832
4 Mr. Sathish K R- Dept of EEE Member 9611982696
5 Dr. Prakash Kuravatti- Dept of ECE Member 9110872296
6 Mrs. Shruthi.H.G – Dept of CE Coordinator 9538343733
7 Mr.Rohith S- Dept of ME Coordinator 9739866912
8 Mrs.Darshini M B – Dept of EC Coordinator 9731950373
10 Mrs. Maria Sushma S- Dept of EEE Coordinator 9902831147
11 Mrs.Divya K-Dept of BS Coordinator 9481830845


Roles and Responsibilities of CERP Department Coordinator

  1. With respect to Academic Module: Add time table, map students to section, map students to batch, map students to elective subjects.
  2. With respect to Test and Exam Module: Add Exam Timetable, instruct all the faculties to add exam attendance and add exam marks.
  3. With respect to Report Module: To inform faculties to check all the reports with respect to Result Analysis.
  4. The Committee Chairman / Member secretary  has to conduct regular meeting with   committee members / dept Cordinators and submit a report to the principal
Sl. No. Name Position Contact Details
1 Dr. Rathnakar G Dean 98440 18701
2 Dr.Puttegowda D Member Secretary 9900622014
3 Mrs. Archana M R -Dept of CSE Member  7337668490
4 Mrs.Prathiba M K – Dept of EC Member 9449610089
5 Mrs.Shruthi H G – Dept of CEC Member 9538343733
6 Mr.Praveen Kumar – Dept of EE Member 9731251884
7 Mr.Md.Nadeem – Dept of ME Member 9886556739
8 Mr.Kiran Kumar  – Dept of BS Member 9739460662


Students Editorial Committee:

  1. To Provide guidelines to authors for preparing and submitting articles and collecting articles from the in the scheduled date
  2. Giving publicity about the magazine.
  3. Each person in this team knows its responsibilities and has its own role in publication creation as per the requirement.
  4. The committee I responsible for Scrutinizing the articles.
  5. Designing and editing the magazine.
  6. Printing of the magazine.


Faculty Editorial Committee: 

  1. To identify the interested and spontaneous students editorial team committee.
  2. To provide guidelines to the students editorial committee for submission of the articles as per the requirement
  3. To collect individually the felicitations from Principal and HOD.
  4. Design will be selected and alignment will be done as per the requirement.
  5. To assists the student editorial team committee as needed.
Sl. No. Name Position Contact Details
2 Mr.Deepak M V S Chairman 7204401042
3 Mr.Yashwanth N -Dept of ME Member Secretary 9663994514
4 Mr.Mohanesh B M -Dept of CSE Member 9535370655
5 Name- CEO of startup organisation. Member
6 Name-Successful Entrepreneur Member
7 Special Invitee Special Invitee
8 Mr. Shreeshayana -EE Coordinator 9739002631
9 Mr. Vinod Kumar -EE Coordinator 9538006039
10 Mr. Mandeep  G -CE Coordinator 9916212530
11 Mr. Shrivatsa H U -CE Coordinator 8867572081
12 Mr. Guruprasad K G -EC Coordinator 9739319567
13 Mrs. Keerthi A kumbar -EC Coordinator 9538550857
14 Mr. Anilkumar B H -CS Coordinator 9916732611
15 Mr. Swarnakiran -ME Coordinator 8951787291
16 Mr. Girishkumar G S -ME Coordinator 8722567141


Role & Responsibilities: 


  1. Develop necessary knowledge for an entrepreneurial career, assimilate adequate skills in the total project management area of an enterprise and acquire a drive or motivation to pursue self-employment inspired by self-actualization in spite of the elements of the hardship and risk involved in it.
  2. E-Cell will be responsible for conducting various interventions and academic programs to impart knowledge, skill and attributes which will help in innovation, problem solving, technology development, project management, entrepreneurial motivation. 
  3. E-Cell should provide supporting systems including laboratories, innovation kits etc. Work environment include the innovative mini projects and final year practical assignments undertaken by students, and independent creative projects undertaken by the motivated group of students in their respective technology areas or projects of multidisciplinary nature.
  4. The students who are interested and also have an aptitude for entrepreneurship and self employment are selected and admitted for internship In coordination with Organizations like National R&D Labs, Defense research Labs, Industry, Dept of Science and Technology, Technology Organizations etc .
  5. The Committee Chairman / Member secretary  has to conduct regular meeting with committee members and submit a report to the principal
Sl. No. Name Position Contact Details
1 Dr.Mahesh P K Chairman 8884968896
2 Dr.Yathisha L-EC Member secretry 9902238768
3 Mr.Ravikumar S-ME Member 9880543740
4 Mr.Raghavendra L-EEE Member 7829859477
5 Mr.Swarnakiran-ME Member 8951787291
6 Mr.Shreeshayana-EEE Member 9739002631
7 Dr.Akshay B J -CV Member 9986870588
8 Dr.Avinash -CE Member 9148623123
9 Mrs.Keerthana M M -CSE Member 9538751493
10 Mr.Srinivas G- CSE Member 8310213011
11 Mr.Ramachandra M N- BS Member 9742100542
12 Mrs.Bharathi B- CE Member 8496009262


Roles and Responsibility of Cultural Committee

  1. The cultural committee shall organize ATMEya  Cultural festival (Annual Day)                             
  2. The Cultural Committee-shall be responsible for all intra and inter collegiate cultural events in the College.
  3. Plan and schedule cultural events for the academic year. (Tentative dates to be included in the academic calendar of the institute.)
  4. Prepare budget for all cultural events and take necessary steps for its approval from the Management through Principal.
  5. The Chairman of the committee shall conduct meeting at regular intervals, discuss and assign task for enforcement.
  6. Procedure to organize  each cultural events:
  7. Obtain  permission from the Principal to arrange program
  8. Decide the date, time and agenda of the program
  9. Prepare the  Budget for the cultural event
  10. Invite the Chief Guest and other dignitaries in concurrence with the  Secretary / Principal
  11. Inform members of staff and students about the event
  12. Arrange the venue and logistics (audio/video system, dais, podium etc).
  13. Arrange mementos for guests and gifts/certificates for the participants
  14. The committee shall display on the Notice Board/Website information about events scheduled
  15. Events are arranged in coordination with Students coordinator.
  16. The committee should Prepare and maintain records of all cultural activities separately and submit the same to the Principal immediately after the events.


Dr. Mahesh P K, Professor & HOD, Dept. of ECE


Dr.Puttegowda.D Professor Dept of CSE

Dr. Mahesh Lohith K S, Associate Professor, Dept of  Physics

Dr. Akshay B G, Associate Professor, Dept. of  CV

Mr.Ravikumar,S  Associate Professor, Dept. of ME

Mr. Anilkumar C J, Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE

Mr. Raghavendra L, Associate Professor, Dept. of  EEE

Mrs. Harshitha N, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ECE

Mrs. Juslin F, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ECE

Mr. Vinod Kumar, Assistant Professor, Dept. of EEE

Mr. Tejkumar, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ME

Mr. Mohan Kumar, Assistant Professor, Dept. of  ME

Mrs.Nasreen Fathima, Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE

Mrs. SunithaPatel Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE

Mrs. Archana, M R Assistant Professor, Dept. of   CSE

Mr. Srivathsa, H U Assistant Professor, Dept. of CV

Member Secretary

Dr. Yathisha L, Associate Professor, Dept. of ECE

Sl. No. Name Position Contact Details
1 Dr. L Basavaraj -Principal Chairman 9448285641
2 Mr. Shivakumara M -Librarian Member Secretary 9880003058
3 Dr M S Govindegowda Dean 99729 40201
4 Dr. Bhagyashree S R Dean 99001 10944
5 Dr. Mahesh P K -HOD -Dept of EC Member 8884968896
6 Dr. Parthasarathy L -HOD -Dept of EEE Member 9035064022
7 Dr. Rathnakar G -HOD -Dept of ME Member 9844018701
8 Dr. Mahesh Lohith-Dept of BS Member 9845206504
9 Mr. Manu Vijay -HOD -Dept of CE Member 9738601201
10 Dr. Puttegowda D -CSE Member 9900622014


Role and Responsibility

  1. Purchase of Library  resources,  – e resources l and reading devices
  2. Prepare indent for required books for the Library, with comparative quotations and submit the same for approval from the Management through Principal.
  3. Maintain and update the Reference Section regularly.
  4. Facility- Reprography & Internet connectivity,  Access- e resources l and reading devices
  5. Display of Working Hours, Extended Hours & Holidays
  6. Data of Current students, Alumni, visitor/community should be maintained
  7. Maintain records of Book Issue, Issue Period
  8. Maintain record for any  Disposal
  9. Maintain record of Penalty  collected
  10. Maintain records of Book Bank
  11. Display the information regarding Linkages to other Libraries
  12. Display of rules and regulations of the Library
  13. Annual Budget to be prepared in advance and submit to the Principal
  14. Stock verification to be done regularly and submit the report to the principal
  15. Meeting should be conducted by Library committee Chairman with committee members in every semester and submit the report to the Principal without fail.
  16. Statutory payments ( Like, Consortium, e- resources, etc) if any should be brought to the notice of the Principal well in advance.
  17. The Committee Chairman / Member secretary  has to conduct regular meeting with committee  members and submit a report to the principal
Sl. No. Name Position Contact Details
1 Dr.Rathnakar G Dean 98440 18701
2 Dr.Puttegowda-Dept of CSE Member Secretary 9900622014
3 Dr.Srinivas – Dept of ME Member 9945045415
4 Dr.Suresh K J – Dept of CE Member 9845566754
5 Mr. Kiran B-CSE Member 8095620284
6 Mrs.Pooja M -EEE Dept Coordinators 7019007641
7 Mr.Manjunath K- EC Dept Coordinators 9738403734
8 Ms Kavyashree E D – CS Dept Coordinators 7259488108
9 Mrs.Shruthi -CE Dept Coordinators 9538343733
10 Mr.Ravikumar S-ME Dept Coordinators 9880543740
11 Mr.Ramachandra M N -BS Dept Coordinators 9742100542


Role and Responsibilities

  • Plan and organize alumni meet in every academic year and maintain its records.
  • Create cell phone app to maintain/update alumni data.
  • Create alumni directory and networking.
  • Capturing email/SMS contact to greet alumni on birthdays, intimate about meets, college events, conferences etc.
  • Collect information about special achievements of alumni.
  • Motivate alumni involvement in college activities by receiving inputs; organize frequent eminars to promote alumni involvement in placement, career counseling, teaching pedagogy, guest lectures, projects, endowments etc.
  • Provide infrastructural facilities to alumni for various purposes
  • The Committee Chairman / Member secretary  has to conduct regular meeting with committee members and submit a report to the principal

Statutory Approval & Affiliation Committee


Sl. No. Name Position Contact Details
1 Dr. L Basavaraj -Principal Member Secretary 9448285641
2 Dr M S Govindegowda Member Secretary 99729 40201
3 Mr.Anil Kumar BH-Assistant  Professor, 
       Dept. of CSE
Member 9916732611
4 Mr. Tejkumar-Assistant  Professor, Dept. of  ME Member 9741421194
5 Mr.Raghavendra L-Assistant  Professor, Dept.
       of EEE
Member 7829859477
6 Ms.Amrutha, Office Superintendent. Member 9972164783


Role & Responsibilities

  • To check the portal of  affiliation and Approval organizations like AICTE, VTU, AISHE, DTE, MHRD etc., for Circulars and Notifications.
  • To bring it to the notice of the head of the institution and obtain the instructions to carry out the data collection and uploading process.
  • To coordinate with  various departments namely Academic, Establishment, Administration, Accounts,  Examination, Placement, Library, Physical Education and from the Management to collect the data.
  • To set a roadmap to complete the processes before the stipulated time bound
  • To take the necessary approvals from the Head of the institution and management to complete the processes.
Sl. No. Name Position Role
1 Dr.L Basavaaj Principal Chairman
2 Dr .Mahesh P K Student Welfare Officer/ Faculty Advisor Member
3 Mr. Muralidhar M P Physical Education Director Member
4 Mr. Shivakumar M Librariyan Member
5 Mr.Harsha D N NSS Officer Member
7 Dr S R Bhagyashree Convener -CICC Member
8 Dr.Chandrashekar S Professional Counsellor Member
9 Dr.Parthasarathy L Senior HOD Member Convener


Roles & Responsibilities

  • The committee should widely communicate to the student community regarding counselling / Mentoring support.
  • The Heads of the Departments through the Principal could forward the details of the students who may be need counselling / mentoring support.
  • The committee may also hold capacity building programs on mental health of the students , especially of rural areas.
  • The colleges may seek helps from the centers like “Center for educational and social studies, Bengaluru”.
  • The committee meet shall meet once in 15 days to address the students
  • If necessary parents in specific cases, may also be invited for this meeting.
  • The committee is required to maintained the records of such counselling cases and fallow up action taken thereof.
Sl. No.  Name  Position  Contact Details 
1 Mr. Veeresh R. Treasurer- ATME Trust Chairman 9448285652
2 Dr. L Basavaraj -Principal Member Secretary  9448285641
3 Mr. Anoop M Member  9845900756
4 Ms. Neeha  Member  9741780007
5 Dr. Bhagyashree S R Member  99001 10944
6 Statutory Auditor Special Invite

Details of the establishment and operation of the finance committee and its responsibilities in an institution for the following:

  • Financial strategy
  • Annual budget
  • Budget monitoring
  • Financial management
  • Fees and charges
  • Financial results.


  1. Reporting, in writing, to the Management Committee on the organisation’s financial position
  2. Preparing and presenting financial reports and accounts when required;                           
  3. Ensuring that the organisation is adequately insured and that the policies are regularly reviewed to ensure that the cover is still adequate and the premiums competitive.
  4. Maintain an appropriate system for calculation,payment and the recording of salaries including tax and Insurances.
  5. ensuring that the organisation makes pension provision for staff in line with legal requirements and value for money.
  6. Managing the selection of auditors, reviewing their services to the organisation and recommending their appointment
  7. Ensuring the auditor is providing an adequate level of advice to the organisation which is agreed and set out in Auditors management letter.
  8. Ensuring that the end of year accounts prepared by the auditor complies with the Charity commission.
  9. The Committee Chairman / Member secretary  has to conduct regular meeting with committee members and submit a report to the principal
Sl. No.  Name  Position  Contact Details 
1 Mr. Shivashankar K. Secretary – ATME Trust Chairman 9448285651
2 Dr. L Basavaraj -Principal Member Secretary  9448285641
3 Dr M S Govindegowda Member   99729 40201
4 Dr. Bhagyashree S R Member   99001 10944
5 Accounts Personnel Member 
6 Mr.Mohan-Asst Professor, Dept of EEE Member  9916088975
7 Dept representatives Special Invitee

To ensure that quality materials are procured and standard purchase
Procedures are followed in major & minor purchases.

Roles & Responsibility of purchase committee

  • Shall collect and compile list of equipment, computers, chemicals, apparatus,glassware, and other miscellaneous items required throughout the year bythe office and the departments
  • Shall invite sealed tenders quoting the rates for the supply of items from themanufacturers, suppliers and dealers
  • Shall open the tenders in presence of the Principal and scrutinize the validity ofthe tenders
  • Shall record the resolutions of the meeting
  • Shall recommend the purchase of the items in case of valid tenders
  • Shall have a sub-group who will make market survey for purchase and sign rate&verification certificate

*  The Committee Chairman / Member secretary  has to conduct regular meeting with committee members and submit a report to the principal

Sl. No.  Name  Position  Contact Details 
1 Mr. Arun kumar L. Chairman – ATME Trust Chairman 9448285650
2 Dr. L Basavaraj -Principal Member Secretary  9448285641
3 Dr M S Govindegowda Member  99729 40201
4 Concerned Dept HOD Invitee
5 Subject Expert 1 Member 
6 Subject Expert 2 Member 
7 Mr. Anoop M Member  9845900756

The main objective of the Staff Selection Committee is to evaluate the requirement of teaching staff for the college and plan accordingly to recruit adequate qualitative faculty on merit.

 Functions of Staff Selection Committee

  • This Committee is in charge of recruitment process including the recruitment seminar and it makes recommendations to the chairman about the recruitment of individual faculty members.
  • To determine ways and means to stimulate, support and improve continuing faculty intellectual development and renewal, and faculty involvement in academic and professional organizations
  • To develop the policies and practices needed to conduct an annual monitoring of faculty intellectual contributions to insure that consistency and continuity of effort which occurs in areas appropriate to the mission of the College
  • To develop criteria that assure those faculty members that possess sufficient academic and professional qualifications.
  • To review and improve the orientation and mentoring program for new faculty
  • The Committee Chair shall submit an annual report of committee activities to the Chairman of the College.
Sl. No.  Name  Position  Contact Details 
1 Dr. Rathnakar G Chairman 98440 18701
2 Dr.Mahesh Lohit-Dept of BS Member Secretary  9845206504
3 Dr.Akshay B G – Dept of CE Member  9986870588
4 Mr.Sunitha Patel -Dept of CS Member  9986041490
5 Mr. Kiran Kumar -ERP Coordinator-BS Member  9739460662
6 Mr. Raghavendra L -EEE Dept Coordinators 7829859477
7 Mrs. Darshini M B -EC Dept Coordinators 8073155224
8 Mrs Nasreen Fathima -CS Dept Coordinators 9986617206
9 Mr. Rudresh A N -CE Dept Coordinators 9743580290
10 Mr. Devaraj -ME Dept Coordinators 9972322811
11 Dr. Md.Eliyas -BS Dept Coordinators 8105598832


Mentor Roles and Responsibilities    

  1. A mentor to establish a personal relationship, help the student to develop career skills   
  2. Mentors should be prepared to assist students in seeking guidance from the appropriate source(s) on a range of  pastoral matters. These matters may include homesickness, loneliness, relationship issues, bullying, bereavement, health issues, concerns relating to academic ability, and financial issues.   
  3. Where the mentor considers it appropriate, they may advise that the student seeks additional support from  individuals or support services more appropriate to the specific requirements of the student, which are available  in the student handbook.                          
  4. Assist the student in obtaining resources, increase students’ abilities to interact with other social and cultural groups,                                  
  5. To encourage development in new field-related competencies. Most importantly, the mentor must foster an environment of open communication.                                 
  6. Regular face-to-face contact is best for developing the kind of relationship conducive to such communication; however, if that is not always possible, regular contact by telephone or email will help to forge the necessary personal connections.               
  7. Mentors must keep in mind that students have different personalities and learning styles. As a result, they may  need different kinds of support from their mentors.                           
  8. To develop a positive working relationship, the mentor should develop an understanding of the student’s  learning style and adjust accordingly.                                   
  9. The mentor and the student should ensure that any disruptions are minimal throughout any meeting (e.g. not answering phones or emails).                             
  10. Mentors should be compassionate, tactful, approachable and consistent in their dealings with students. Students should feel valued and it is important to remember that a student may have different requirements from one meeting to the next and also different requirements from those of their peers.
Sl. No.  Name  Position  Contact Details 
1 Dr. Rathnakar G Chairman 98440 18701
2 Mr.Ravi Kumar S -Dept of ME Member Secretary  9880543740
3 Mrs.Pavithra A C – Dept of EC Member  8884699040
4 Mrs.Sneha NP – Dept of CEC Member  9538751493
5 Mr.Raghavendra L – Dept of EE Member  7829859477
6 Mrs.Jyothi D N – Dept of CE Member  9738806913
7 Mr.Ramachandra – Dept of BS Member  9741790542
8 Mr.Muralidhar M P-  Dept of Sports Member  9611551921


Duties and Responsibilities of the  Students Welfare & Disciplinary                                    

  1. To arrange for congenial living environment in the campus including Hostels for the students
  2. To monitor day to day essential support required for academic and co-curricular activities of students
  3. To arrange for special care for the weaker and needy sections of students
  4. To prepare plan and execute programmes for holistic development of the students
  5. To nominate student representatives to various bodies of the University in consultation with elected student body
  6. To enable students to participate effectively in the management of Hostels and also in organization of the students related activities
  7. To advice Student Council as and when required
  8. To work with the Assistant Director of Sports, Hostel Wardens, Sport Officer, Cultural Officer for all matters related to students’ Welfare
  9. To arrange to depute students to participate events/programmes outside the University
  10. To keep in touch with the guardians as and when required.
  11. To arrange for maintenance of students’ discipline in the University.                                 


The responsibilities of Disciplinary Committee are as follows:

  1. To maintain and enforce strict discipline within the college campus.
  2. In case of any violation of dress code or disturbance in the class, the ID card will be confiscated from the student which will be handed over to the student on the same day with a warning and advice from the Disciplinary Committee Members.
  3. In case of any misbehavior or violation of the college rules, the ID cards of the students will be kept with the Disciplinary Committee Members till the enquiry is over.
  4. To enforce total prohibition of cell phone usage by the students within the college campus. Please note that cell phone is prohibited in the college campus and if a student is found carrying a cell phone, it will be taken away and handed over to the Principal.
  5. To monitor the movement of the students in the college and prevent students loitering around in the corridors during the college working hours.
  6. To ensure that all the students attend classes without bunking and prevent them from leaving the college early. Please note that no student can leave the college early without prior permission from the concerned authorities.
  7. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the college campus and ensures that this is being strictly followed.
  8. To ensure that students maintain complete silence in the library.
  9. To maintain proper discipline in the college canteen and student waiting room during the college working hours.
  10. If any damage is caused to the college property by any student / group of students, the cost of the same will be recovered with a fine from the said student / group of this will be followed by disciplinary action.
  11. If any indiscipline is found by any of the students, warn them on the first instance. Take disciplinary action based on the rules and regulations of the committee, if the pattern of misconduct continues.
  12. All the students should wear their ID Cards while they are in the campus and their respective class rooms.
Sl. No.  Name  Position  Contact Details 
1 Dr. L Basavaraj -Principal Chairman 9448285641
2 Dr M S Govindegowda Member Secretary  99729 40201
3 Mr. Yatish L, Associate Professor, Dept of ECE Member  9902238768
4 Mr. Tejkumar-Assistant  Professor, Dept. of  ME Member  9741421194
5 Mr.Vinod Kumar-Asst Professor, Dept of EEE Member  9538006039
6 Mr. Raghavendra L -EEE Coordinator 7829859477
8 Mr. Srivathsa, H U  -CE Coordinator 8867572081
9 Dr. Akshay B G -CE Coordinator 9986870588
10 Mrs. Harshitha N -EC Coordinator 9632706457
11 Mrs. Juslin F -EC Coordinator 9036065420
12 Mr. Anilkumar C J -CS Coordinator 9900477621
13 Mrs. SunithaPatil -CS Coordinator 9986041490
14 Mr.Ravikumar S   -ME Coordinator 9880543740
15 Mr. Mohan Kumar K C -ME Coordinator 9141559487



  1. To create awareness of on outcome-based education to the faculty and the students.
  2. To train the department heads on the preparation of SAR.
  3. To review and prepare the SAR during the course of accreditation.
  4. To add and adopt best practices as and when stipulated by the NBA.
  5. To attend NBA workshops as organized by the authorities.


  1. Chairman – To oversee implementation of OBE process and regular SAR preparation. To attend NBA leadership workshops.
  2. Co-ordinator – To attend and train workshops with respect to OBE.
  3. Member – To actionize NBA OBE process across the organization and facilitate necessary infrastructure and augmentation of the facility for effective implementation of OBE.        

ISO Cordination Committee Roles & Responsibilities:

The audit is mainly focused on

  1. Adherence to the Academic calendar and semester plan ,
  2. Functioning of class/course committees
  3. Schedule of class and Faculty Time Table
  4. Attendance of students
  5. Quantity & Quality of Assignments/ Internal Exam Questions
  6. Subject/ practical coverage as per course plan
  7. Evaluation of internal exams/ assignments with sample
  8. Evaluation of students performance in practical classes
  9. Performance of students in Internal exams and Award of internal evaluation marks
  10. Maintenance of course diary and Course File
  11. Performance of students in the previous semester
  12. Faculty evaluation by students
  13. Information on progress of students to their parents
  14. Feed backs from students and stake holder